Happiness is Just a Choice

Happiness is a choice that most people don’t know, or want to know, that they have. If we admit that happiness is a choice, then we have to act and take responsibility. Sadly, many people are so used to, and some even addicted to the drama and trauma in their lives, that if they were actually happy, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. As a result, people are choosing pain and suffering over happiness.

If happiness was always a choice that was available to you, would you choose it?

Happiness is not the manic craziness you see people showing on television, where everyone is pretending and living in a false reality. True happiness comes a sense of ease, peace and possibilities. When you are truly happy no one can take it away from you – you’re like a firmly placed rock in a stream whereby the unhappy people just float on by you. Often times, a happy individual makes others uncomfortable, some mad even, because they can no longer stay stuck in their fixed point of view, i.e. the unhappiness they are choosing.

If you looked at your life as a series of choices that have created who you are today, you will see that there isn’t anything showing up in your life that you haven’t chosen. The good, the bad and the ugly – it’s all just a choice.

Most of the choices we have made that have not worked well for us are those where we have chosen to be unaware of what that choice will create. Choice, however, is not predictable, so one must choose to gain an awareness of what that choice creates. If the choices you have been making has created who you are today, what choices could you make now that would create something different? Could you choose to be happy?

So, is happiness just a choice?

Let’s look at what you are choosing right now. Are you choosing to be annoyed at a co-worker? Or, are you thinking about what you will make for dinner? Or, are you basking in glorious radiant happiness? By looking at what you are currently choosing, you can start to acknowledge what your choices are creating in your life and you can start to see other possible choices that are available to you.

Happiness is not about finding the ‘one choice to rule them all’ and that you will be happy forever. It’s about continuous choices that create the happiness you are and can be.

You are the source of the happiness you have been looking for. You don’t have to look deep within to find happiness – it’s the choice that is always available to you in every moment of everyday, and no one can take that away from you.

When you walk into a room where people have just been fighting and no one says anything, but you can sense the energy in the room, that’s called awareness. It’s the same with the unhappiness most people walk around with every day. You are aware of the mindsets people are functioning from and you can sense their unhappiness. Would you start fighting people just because you walked into a room where people had been fighting? No. So, why do you buy the unhappiness that people live by, as yours? Just because you are aware of it, it doesn’t mean you have to choose it. You have many other choices available to you that you have probably not yet acknowledged.

What choices do you have available to choose?

Choosing happiness is like going to gym – the first time you go, it might be hard and seem impossible. But the more you use choice to create your life, the easier it gets. Happiness is one of the least sought-after states of being on planet Earth. If this wasn’t so, there would be many more happy people. If you would like to truly choose happiness for you, it’s going to take courage and the willingness to go where few have gone before you. But it’s worth the ride!


Gary Douglas is an investor, a business owner, and a multi-millionaire. He’s also a psychologist, and a sought-after international speaker who empowers people to know that they are the source for creating a life that goes beyond the limitations of popular beliefs and conditioning. Gary founded Access Consciousness® 25 years ago – a $10M+ global movement which is now practiced in over 173 countries, which advocates a more human focus to business life as the only way to sustainable financial success. He’s written several best-selling books on finance and business including, Rich Riches for You, Beyond the Utopian Ideal, and Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are. Follow on Twitter at @garymdouglas.




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