Your Body is a Biological Machine

It is very hard to imagine another asset more important than one’s body. Our bodies are a biological machine that needs to be maintained and nurtured if we are to expect the very best from it.

Imagine your body to be like a car. You may think of yourself as a Grand Prix Racing car, a Rolls Royce, a sports car or perhaps a timeless classic.

Just like the human body, automobiles have evolved over time and become the complex, reliable modes of transport available today. Unlike the human body which comes in two basic models, automobiles come in various configurations and types to suit a range of different purposes.

Would you put an Inferior Fuel into Your Ferrari?

Just like automobiles, the human body will perform sluggishly, or even breakdown if maintenance is neglected or cheap, inferior fuel is used. Our bodies are much more difficult to repair than an automobile and cannot be replaced in case of permanent damage or wear and tear.

Care and Feeding of Your Biological Machine.

The use of cheap inferior fuels and lubricants during the life of your motor car will most certainly affect its overall performance, reliability and longevity. Yet that is exactly what so many humans do during the course of their lives, in many cases unwittingly due to complacency or misinformation. Even though many people drive cars, very few of those are mechanics.

To ensure one is receiving the best possible nutrition so that one’s body can function as intended one needs to educate oneself with accurate information pertaining to a nutritional diet and fitness regime, with so many medical and technological advances it is most important to keep informed with up to date health news and advances.

Do not do be blase about this, as it ought to be the most important component of one’s life education for your family unit.

We Are an Overfed but Starving Civilization

Supermarkets sell food manufactured by companies whose one and only intent are to make money, they produce food like products, designed to look, smell and taste great for a price deemed to be acceptable and competitive within the market.

Unfortunately, these heavily processed foods do not supply the nutrition required for our biological machines. Consequently, due to a lack of nutrients our bodies cannot function properly. Our immune system no longer operates efficiently, allowing a whole host of various diseases and ailments to plague us.

This has spawned a multi-billion dollar medical and Drug Company’s which liaise to supply a pill for every ill. Just as, it was during the anti-smoking campaigns, there will be a barrage of misinformation and claims of denial by companies that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

How Does Your Biological Machine Look?

We are genetically programmed to be attracted to people who look good, why? Because they are the healthiest ones! Have a good look at yourself in the mirror or by using recent photographs, what do you see? The beauty industry continues to offer products that disguise or enhance ones skin artificially; this is also possible naturally with proper diet and exercise. It is also very real! And people will notice!

High Octane Super Foods.

There is no super pill, simply a requirement to revert to basics; the basics are plenty of fruit, vegetables and nuts along with an abundance of fresh, clean water. Minimize or avoid all together overcooked and processed foods.

Total Health Care

It also means to minimize ones intake of “food like products”, specifically processed foods, high in calories and low in nutrients. It is important to eat food that is tasty, and plain “Yummy”. In time, your brain will re-appraise what is good and what is not, old temptations will no longer be temptations.

Educate yourself about nutrition, which foods are nutritionally poor or rich. Become proficient in having a good understanding what food additives are and there intent.

Change of Lifestyle.

Your health extends beyond nutrition to fitness and exercise for the body, modern life style promotes a sedentary life style with an abundance of time and labor saving devices. This may sound appealing, but the human body is not designed to be inactive. During our history humans needed to work hard, to survive in the normal course of finding and growing food.

People working in an office environment particularly need to compensate for the inactivity in their daily working lives by seeking out methods of exercising the body. The important thing is to act now, realize that your health is your most important asset and should be protected.

Take Action Today

Begin today by taking steps to giving your body the best food possible, namely an abundance of fruit and vegetables.

Find some fun ways to exercise, it is important to find methods of gaining some exercise that will inspire and motivate you to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Ideally, find exercises that offer a variety of work for your body, modern life and inclement weather makes it difficult to find enough time to engage in outside sports, so be prepared to offset those situations by exercising inside.

Cheap folding treadmills save space and allow you to jog or power walk in all weathers. Another alternative is to consider one of the many discount stationary bikes that will allow you to cycle inside which is safe not only for the body components (hips and joints) but also by staying off the road.

Remember, exercise offers a large variety of benefits way beyond just feeling better.

Become a biological machine mechanic, Next time you fuel up your Ferrari or classic car, think very carefully about what you put into the tank. Your body and the car will thank you for it.


Peter Markovic is the publisher of He is a freelance writer who is passionate about Good Health and Fitness.

Photo credit: ‘Machinery‘ by Big Stock


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