4 Ways to Live a More Meaningful and Simple Life

Many of us read tons of information on how to live a more simple and happier life… finding happiness and connecting with our higher self to uncover who we truly are seem to be mantra of modern world.

The question is how we can live a more meaningful and simple life?

Life’s simplicity is not in closing down our Facebook accounts or adapting a minimalist lifestyle, life’s simplicity is in realizing the deeper truth behind how we can find our source in everything around us. Our real strength- our real source of simplicity and Spiritual connectedness emerges when we don’t attach any meanings to anything in our lives…  An Audi should be an Audi for us and not a tool to make a comparison with those owning smaller cars… Living with minimalist lifestyle is not bad at all but it can signify one important attitude- that we may not be grateful for whatever we have and we are too much engaged in labeling things as good and bad. We ignore that every event, every occurrence in our life is peekaboo of creator….

To live a more aware and mindful life, it is important we learn to recognize some simple things which can keep us on our natural path…

Be the boss of your thought factory

Established myth in self-help industry is that our thoughts determine our destiny and who we are. Change your thoughts and you become what you want. But this is really a limited approach forcing us to make changes in our lives according to our mind chatter. The real power comes when we become successful in switching off that mind chatter and experience what is called Now.

There are three types of thoughts i.e. wasteful, logistic and pure. To live a more simple and meaningful life, our pure thoughts should be our dominating thoughts because pure thoughts come directly from the source of who we are. Our pure thoughts actually determine who we are and what our calling in life is.

Those of us who become successful in making major change in their lives are those who become successful in connecting with their pure thoughts. A sudden realization emerges when we connect with pure thoughts and we start to uncover who we truly are.
However, to access pure thoughts we need to become aware of our wasteful thoughts- thoughts which are negative and keep us busy all the day in negative and unrelated things in our life. One very simple technique to discard wasteful thoughts is become our aware of what we are thinking and discarding that thought within 30 seconds. If a thought remains in our consciousness for more than 30 seconds it starts to become part of our personality and when same thought is repeated again and again, we become what we think.

Don’t ignore any person

Even if you don’t like anyone, don’t ignore them because ignoring will not help you to realize how you can improve your consciousness by communicating and relating with such person. Always remember one thing- whatever happens in our lives- it happens for us so if anyone comes in your life, don’t ignore and be mindful of the fact that you have been given opportunity to improve yourself.

Remain more aware

Remain more aware of your environment, learn to detach yourself from things but remain aware and mindful. Next time, if you go to buy your grocery, just observe the employees filling in shopping racks—just notice them without attaching any meanings whatsoever and focus on your heart- you will feel instant joy and happiness by just becoming aware of the fact that how that person has been made responsible to ensure that you find your desired stuff easily.

Remain Grateful

A simple Thank You is more than enough to lure higher consciousness to display itself more in your life. Just don’t consider gratitude as a tool to manifest—it’s much more powerful than that.. Be grateful and you will instantly transform yourself into the state of acceptance. In that State of Acceptance, you can truly see how simple this universe is and how we are connected with everything in the universe.
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