Five Important Steps You Should Take After A Recovery Program

Recovery does not end after a recovery program does. Whether you have been in treatment for thirty, sixty or ninety days, there is a lot more work to be done. If you are really serious about staying clean, then there are some additional steps that should be taken in order to stay on the road to recovery.

Find Meetings

Most recovery programs are based on a twelve step program. It is important to find twelve step meetings near you and attend them regularly. For anyone new to recovery, most people recommend ninety meetings in ninety days. There are meetings at almost any time of day, from early morning “Attitude Adjustment” meetings, to “Nooners” in midday, to “Happy Hour” meetings in the evenings.

Get A Sponsor

It is important to find a good sponsor, or someone that you can confide in who will help you work through the steps. Choose your sponsor wisely. Make sure that the person you are considering has some amount of clean time, that they are working an honest program themselves and that they are willing and able to help you. Most good sponsors will ask you to call them every day, so be willing to do that.

Work The Steps

If you have read through all twelve steps, they can seem like some daunting tasks. Make an inventory, make amends? Don’t worry. Your sponsor will guide you through them with suggested readings and prayers. They are a lot of work, but once you have worked through the steps, you can begin to live a whole new life.

Get Your Life Back On Track

This includes getting a job and learning how to take care of yourself. Many people must begin the job hunt right away, as bills and other responsibilities do not wait for you while you are in a recovery program. The addiction alumni program at the Palm Beach Institute will be able to help you complete job applications and obtain employment. It is important to learn how to use your resources properly and progress as fast as you can.

Work With Others

The final step you really need to take after a recovery program is to work with others. Give back what was given to you. Become a secretary of a meeting, offer to give people rides, work on a panel that goes into recovery programs and jails. You have a lot to offer to others now.

If you continue with these five simple steps after your recovery program, you are sure to remain clean and sober for many years to come. It really is a better life, and you deserve it.

Hannah is a mother of two and a freelance writer from Sacramento, CA. Her kids come first in her life, but she’s always had a love for writing. She writes about a variety of topics but is most passionate about family relationships, business, and home design.


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