Find Your Passion – 6 Tips to Discovering What Ignites Your Fire

When you decide to find your passion, you’re making an important commitment to yourself. You’re saying that you’re a top priority and you’ll be finding the things in life that you truly enjoy. When you have a true passion for life you never feel like life is a chore. Your whole attitude and personality may even shift for the better.

If you want to love life, you need to pursue your passions. Don’t waste anymore time and get going!

Try some of the items on this list to light your fire:

  1. Start with Your Talents. Everyone has a special talent or hobby. You don’t have to be the best at something, just come up with a subject that you enjoy. Pick something that always makes you happy. Pick an activity that always makes you lose track of time. You can then decide to take it one step further to make it your passion. Can you write a book on the subject? Can you become an expert? Can you make a career out of it? Ask yourself these important questions.
  2. Be Open to New Experiences. Most people enjoy the comfort of living their lives in a similar fashion from day to day. Though if you haven’t yet discovered your passion for life yet, it probably isn’t going to just fall in your lap. You need to be open to new experiences because you never know where life will take you. Haven’t you ever gone into an experience with negative expectations only to discover that everything turned out quite the opposite? What if you tried new and exciting things every single day? *I have a good friend that used to be a wild twenty-something who fell in love with a girl. He wanted to impress her by going to a yoga class even though he had no interest in the subject. To make a long story short, the relationship didn’t last but he is now employed as a yoga instructor!
  3. Communicate With People in Your Field. If you’re still in the brainstorming phase of finding your life’s passion and you don’t know whether or not you’d truly enjoy something, be prepared to ask questions. When you take the time to communicate with others you can learn a lot. Ask people who share your interests about their daily lives. Ask any question that you want! It may help you make up your mind.
  4. Practice and Research. You don’t need to find your passion overnight. Although it does help if you find that you’re loving life in the process. It probably means that you’re on the right track. Practice skills that develop your passions and see if you can get yourself to branch on from an amateur level. Research the topics you enjoy in anyway you can like reading books or surfing the internet.
  5. Face Your Fears You may not think that exploring your fears is a way to find your passion for life, but it can be. Fear is seen as a negative emotion, but it’s a strong emotion just like passion. Sometimes you’ll fear something because it’s something you truly care about. Maybe you fear failure in a subject that you always wanted to pursue. Work on exploring and dealing with your fears which may lead you right into your passions.
  6. Never Give Up. The path to your passions is hardly ever easy; many people will tell you that they nearly gave up when they were dealing with the same subject. In order to find your passion, you need to dig down deep and tell yourself that you’ll stop at nothing. You need to believe in yourself because you truly never know what tomorrow will bring.


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