Erin’s Things: October 8

This week for Erin’s things, I’m talking about a couple of interesting ingestibles, Marijuana for your health and the comeback of one of my favorite sneakers – just a couple of things that made my week a little more interesting!

1. Bone broth and Collagen powder –So, what exaclty do bone broth and collagen have in common? Apparently, it’s ridiculously amazing health benefits. Glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails and good digestion is a start…well, I’d wager to say it is at the top of the beauty spectrum that most of us desire to achieve. However, there is more, this growing trend to drink bone broth and/or to drink collagen (in protein powdered drink form) is also said to reduce inflammation.  This trend is not about to go away, precisely because it isn’t about sort term gratification, it is a commitment to long term benefits. I’m in.

2. Cannabis as wellness- Whether you are a user or not, one cannot deny that the taboo associated with cannabis is on the decline. LA’s Goda Yoga offers 420 classes for medical marijuana users. These are what you call ‘Cannabis workouts’ and they are finding their stride in everyday wellness routines across the country. Also, the non-psychoactive extracts of the plant are said to reduce anxiety, lower inflammation and subtly lift your mood. This then trickles down into anti inflammatory skin care as well as products to soothe menstrual cramps. The future looks green.

3. Kava root drinks – Kava Sutra (NYC), Bula Kava (Portland) or Kava Lounge SF (San Francisco) are indications of the boom in the newest mind altering and stress relieving drink on the market right now. It is an ancient root based drink from Pacific Islanders, that is often used as a type of sedative. It is said to increase or regulate our GABA receptors in the brain, which are the neurotransmitters that balances our mood and optimizes healthy brain function. As it is a root sedative though, it should never be mixed with alcohol. I feel as though its main attraction in the wellness community is allowing oneself to be brought more into the present moment of whatever it is you may be doing.

4. Helix – personalized mattress – yes, you read that correctly. The ‘where has this been all my life’ moment is upon me. It is custom made to cradle your own body (measurements sent in and sleep style noted), it regulates body temperature throughout the night and it is made to order to your exact firmness preferences- and can be blended to take into account your partner’s needs as well! The bed is the beginning and end of a good day, it is ingenious that this company has delivered magic to one of our most important household items. Bonne Nuit.

5. Nike Cortez – The 70’s running shoe is having a huge comeback moment and I could not be more stoked. They are sleek and comfortable, the newest design is in white mesh, which is easily paired with any outfit, even an LBD. Sneakers are becoming a fashion staple and my feet couldn’t thank me enough.

Hope you enjoyed the list and I’d love to hear what you’re loving this week!

Be well,



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