Erin’s Things: November 20

This week I’ve got a little self-care (think massage), a little music and some pumpkin pie just in time for the holiday. Check out my list below for discoveries that made me happy last week! (and please share your cool finds in the comments below)

  • BIGTHINK.COM – This podcast is outrageously good. Historian Nancy Koehn (Harvard) discusses resiliency and muses on the question of what is a real hero? Her research focuses on what makes people live lives of purpose, impact and worth, focusing on leaders of the past and present. We live in a time where we find it easy to distrust in leaders, so how can we harness the power of the courageous to reveal once again what real guidance is about.
  • SOUTHERN BAKED PUMPKIN PIE – They arrive at your doorstep, frozen and ready to thaw whenever you want. What could be a better addition to your thanksgiving dessert menu than this with a buttery crust, creamy texture and warm spice aroma? It’s Thanksgiving this week, so amidst all the good friends and family get-togethers, nothing is as satisfying to share in as this sweet treat.
  • DRIP – started in 2011 as a membership crowd funding service providing a way for musicians to have a recurring income, it was forced to shut down in 2016. Soon it was acquired by kickstarter. Kickstarter has now re-imagined Drip, with 61 creators to start. Creators need income sources other than advertising. It works as a invite only (for now) membership campaign that allows contributors to continually support through recurring contributions as opposed to a one off campaign. With these membership contributions model, kickstarter is once again relevant by placing itself at the forefront of the digital age.
  • YAYOI KUSAMA – Born in Japan, Yayoi Kusama is the youngest of 4 children in a very affluent family. She is a self described ‘obsessional artist’, who is known for using many polka dots and infinity installations in her work, she’s been called incredibly avant-garde. At age 10 she began using these motifs (nets as well) and created watercolor, pastel and oil painting. She also began to have vivid hallucinations where flowers would speak to her and patterns would come to life, sparking her lifelong struggle with mental illness. Her painting, drawings and sculptures have drawn much attention since the 60’s- environmental sculptures using mirrors and electric lights give us a glimpse into her wildly focused imagination. She is a unique and contemporary feminist artist who operates now from a mental hospital. If you can catch one of her exhibits, you will be very inspired by the experience!
  • THE NOW – Los Angeles has done it again. Leading the way can experience luxury massages in a convenient, accessible and affordable way. The motto: ‘Restore Your Body. Reset Your Soul.’ Conceptualized by Amy Krofchick, Erica Malbon and Gara Post, the goal of their expanding brand is to uplift everyone through massage. With spas on Beverly Boulevard, Santa Monica, Studio City and Silverlake it is easy to get to, and enjoy the atmosphere of this sanctuary. We all need to hit the pause button from busy city life, I cannot think of a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing environment that makes one feel aligned with nature. Massages start at $35 for a 25 minute massage, and there are even massages for kids! If you feel like dropping in, you are welcome to do that, alternately you can make an appointment or even join on with a membership.


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