Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Can’t Do

Many a time in life, we set limitations for our own capabilities and in most of the cases, these limitations are just a hoax as with sheer determination, hard work and believe, anything in the world can be achieved.

In most of the cases, there will be many people around you who will be telling you that you can’t do this, you can’t do that and when you listen to a false statement enough times throughout your life, it becomes truth for you. You start thinking that yes, this thing is not my cup of tea or I can’t achieve success in that sector, but who knows you better, you yourself or the people around you?

In this blog post, we will go through a brilliant story of how anything can be achieved in life if you will stop listening to people who doubt your abilities and start believing in yourself.

While playing on a hot Sunday afternoon, two teenagers crossed their village and reached near a dry well. One boy from them was of 12 years (Ravi) and another one was of 8 years (Amar). After reaching near the well, now it was Ravi’s turn to hide and as Amar counted to 10 and turned back, he heard his friend screaming.

He ran towards the well and saw that Ravi lying on the bed of the well. He was badly injured and was howling while holding his ankle. Amar knew that he can’t help his friend alone and that’s why he started shouting for help but they were in the jungle and nobody was around them.

Suddenly Amar looked at a steel bucket and a coconut rope lying near the well. Without wasting even a single second, he tied the coconut rope around the steel bucket and slid it down to the base of the well.

Amar somehow managed to hold the steel bucket and then came the most difficult part of the rescue; an 8-year-old boy pulling up a 12-year-old boy from a 50 foot deep well. Amar didn’t waste a second thinking how he will pull his friend out of the well or how he will do it alone, he was having only one thing in his mind and that was to save his friend.

He put all his energy in pulling the rope and slowly the bucket started moving up from the ground.  Amar pulled the rope to some distance, took a long breath with a pause and then again repeated the same thing.

It was a hot afternoon and Amar was fully covered in sweat, his hands turned red and his feet were trembling, but he knew that can’t lose the grip on the rope and after giving every inch of his energy in saving Ravi, finally after the most difficult 30 minutes of his life, Ravi came out of the well.

They both were badly injured and they were frightened as well because they knew that they will be badly scolded after reaching home. But things turned just opposite of what they thought. As they reached their home, they explained everything to their parents and the villagers, but no one was ready to believe them and how can anyone believe that an 8-year-old child who can’t even lift a bucket full of water, can pull out a 12-year-old child from a 50 foot deep well?

Everyone went near the well and Amar showed them the rope and bucket near the well, but still, no one was ready to believe them instead of one person whose name was Kareem. He was the eldest and wisest man in the village and everyone knew that he can’t lie. That’s why the villagers asked him

“How did he come out of the well?’

The old man chuckled

‘They themselves explained that. They tied the rope around the bucket, slid it into the well and pulled his friend out of it’

After a pause, Kareem said again

‘The main question here is why a 8-year-old boy was able to pull out a 12-year-old boy from a 50 foot deep well not how he was able to do so’

‘Amar was able to pull Ravi out of the well because there was no one around Amar to tell him that he can’t do it, not even himself. He was alone and was having only one thing in his mind; to save his friend. Most of the times we underestimate our capabilities because we listen more to the external voices and have more belief on other’s thinking, but the day we start listening to our inner voices and start believing on ourselves, everything is achievable in the world’

What do you need to do?

So, in order to achieve something great in your life, you need to break two fake walls, the first one is made of the negative voices coming from outside and the second one is made of your own voice which has been built by taking the disbelief of others on you as a truth.

The moment you will be able to break these two walls, you will become unstoppable and everything in the world will start looking achievable for you.

You must have gone through a situation where even while thinking of starting something new, a group of people have started saying that it’s not achievable. They must have said that if others were not able to do it, how you can even imagine doing it?

But you need to act like Amar in life whose determination of saving his friend over shadowed all the odds and any external voice that was telling him that he couldn’t do it.

Have belief in yourself, don’t set limitation to your capabilities without giving it a try and the day you are able to do so, you will become unstoppable.

Saurabh Gupta is the content writer at Cloudwalks, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company. His area of expertise includes life lessons, healthy lifestyle.  cloud computing, cloud accounting, software, and cybersecurity. In his free time, he loves exploring the world of technology and ways to living a healthy life



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