Do You Have An Eating Disorder?

There are different types of eating disorders and the situation is always different between two individuals. Similarly, the reasons causing eating disorders may be different from one person to another as well.

There is a common perception that people with eating disorders indulge into these acts for self-destruction. However, in general, they are not aware that these acts can cause them any harm.

Treatment for eating disorder is a complicated process and to help, we should first know the different reasons of eating disorders:

Major Change in Life

Change is important, but, all of us cannot handle these properly. For some, it gets extremely difficult to adopt with the changing equations and such people are more prone to have eating disorders. These can be physical changes during adulation, change in the school and friend circle, major illness etc.

Social Problems

This is another major factor that often contributes to eating disorders. Many times, people are teased by their friends or are shunned – these significantly lower the self-esteem of a person. People with such negative social experiences start thinking that a better physical appearance will help them keep way from such problems and start taking food in an irregular manner.

Failure at Some Point

People who can’t accept failures can often develop eating disorder. Many have high expectations with life and if they are not able to fulfill their dreams, they get shattered mentally. They start being ashamed and a sense of guilt always engulfs their minds. To stay away from the bitter memories of failures, they develop a bad food intake routine.

A traumatic event

Life changing events can happen any time in your life. Not to mention, such events leave an everlasting impact on the person as well and these traumatic events can attribute to eating disorder. For example, a lady with experience of sexual harassment may try to get starved and lose certain physical attributes that may have played a prominent factor in triggering that bad experience (At least, that’s how she believes the things to be like and indulging into a wrong and harmful food habit is kind of an escape window for her).

Physical Injuries

To keep the mind away from the physical pain, many find happiness in excess food. This however does nothing to relief the pain and rather contributes to consuming some extra weight.

Family Problems

Obviously, a troubled relationship between the father and mother can have huge effects on the kid’s mental health. Additionally, at some times, parents don’t understand that the kid may not need huge amount of food to stay healthy. They develop a wrong routine in their kids and thus in future, the kid becomes more prone of having eating disorder.

Psychological disorders such as eating disorder can be problematic, but if you fight it with high confidence and strong willpower, you will eventually be able to get back into normal life. So have patience and take the necessary actions to get rid of eating disorder.

This article is written by Vladimir Bestic, the owner of Psychological Disorders Center. Vladimir loves to blog about mental health disorders and marketing. Also writing about anxiety disorder and building self condifence. If you have any questions for him, please feel free to leave a comment.


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