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The Difference Between Success And Failure

Think “success”  is the opposite of “failure”? Are you afraid to succeed, because failure is too hard to handle? If so, your fear of failure is likely to limit your chances to success. If you look at really successful people, you will often find significant failures in their backgrounds.

Oprah Winfrey, one the most influential TV characters in the world,  was an abused child and got fired from her first TV job because “she was unfit for TV,” and Michael Jordan couldn’t even make it to his school basketball team.

The only difference that sets these successful people apart from their unsuccessful counterparts, is their ability to persevere even under the worst circumstances and keep trying. When obstacles seem invincible, these people are able to go just that extra mile, and often that extra mile is what counts. They succeed, because the rest didn’t realize how close they were to success, when they gave up.

When asked about the number of failures that Thomas Edison incurred while trying to invent the light bulb, he replied: ”I now know of over 9000 ways in which the light bulb won’t work”. In no way he considered himself a failure, he just had to try some more.

So, what do these people do differently apart from the obvious persistence and self-believe?

– They don’t take life seriously

In the end, we’re all going to fail  – we are going to die, so you might as well try to live the life you love, because what you do between now and then will define your time on this earth. Take your life as an experiment,which it is.

They  don’ take themselves seriously

They laugh at themselves. If you’re able to let go of your self-importance, you will discover that failure does not hold so much power over you. Often we fail to take risks because we believe that we will end up looking like fools in other people’s eyes. Smart people know that other people don’t actually care. Others are too focused on their own fears, failures, and shortcomings. You’re not that important.

They feel the fear, but do it anyway

Fear is a natural emotion—if we didn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from threats. Fear is something we all experience, but there are different ways to handle it – you can surrender or accept it and do it anyway. Professional BASE jumper Chris “Douggs” McDougall, who have jumped over 2800 times in 40 countries said, that he is always very scared when he jumps or does anything that involves risk-taking. But the incredible feeling he gets out of it, makes it worthwhile.

They are detached from outcome

They don’t get too attached to their plan, because they know that anything can happen. Detachment and acceptance is a healthier way to approach the complexities of human life. Accepting negative emotions and experiences, rather than trying to control or eliminate them, allows you to view your situation as an observer.

–    They are not afraid to look stupid

 Fearless people are never afraid to ask someone for help as they know it will get them closer to their goals, and there is nothing wrong in asking questions, because humility is sweet.

Success is not a destination, it’s a journey. Don’t take it too seriously.

Tanja Korobka is a blogger at . She writes about Generation Y, different perspective and future of work. She encourages people to think differently, take daring journeys, massive risks and ultimately live the life they love.


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