Day 35: 7 Games That Will Make You Feel Young (Even If You’re Old)

Do you want to make smarter decisions, sharpen your mind and have a ton of fun at the same time? More importantly, would you like to walk and talk with the confidence of someone who loves the life around them.

Challenge your abilities and enjoy spending time with your friends by playing games (starting today). Playing games is an entertaining way to boost mental functions, improve memory, socialize, and grow your confidence.

Here are 7 games that will make you feel young (even if you are old)

1. Scrabble. This game is a clever way to play with words. Gather two or three of your best friends and see how smart you really are by arranging lettered tiles to form interlocking words on a game board for points. The object of the game is to achieve the highest score possible (watch out for letter “Q”).

2. Bridge. This is, hands down, the greatest card game in the world. Bridge is challenging, keeps your brain razor harp and is a great way to be social with an objective. Grab a deck of cards, three friends. Start counting cards and taking tricks (don’t forget the M & M’s to munch on as you’re playing out your hand).

3. Twister. This classic household game has kept families in knots for decades. It requires taking your shoes and socks off and maintaining your space without falling down. The referee will spin the dial, then call out a color and body part to place on the mat. All the players move at the same time, keeping their hands and feet on the mat. The objective is to keep your space without falling down. Twister is loads of fun, with lots of laughter a near guarantee.

4. Tetris. This highly addictive digital puzzle game is one of the most popular games in the world (and it can be downloaded online for free!). Tetris starts with colored blocks in assorted geometric shapes, falling at a slow pace. The objective is to drop the pieces, fitting them together until there are four rows of neatly lined blocks. When done, the screen will clear and you can continue. As the blocks start dropping faster, it’s up to the player to think quicker. Tetris will show you exactly how fast your mind and fingers can work together.

5. Oregon Trail. This educational computer game is a classic! Oregon Trail is a role playing game where you assume the role of wagon leader, guiding your small party of settlers from Independence, Missouri to Oregon’s Willanette Valley on the Oregon Trail. You are responsible for the well being of other characters as you experience the life of a pioneer blazing a trail for a better life.

6. Wii Fitness. The Wii is a video game console developed by Nintendo. Wii Fitness is a great game that promotes interactive game play and regular exercise. Wii Fitness has over 40 different activities. Exercise has never been more fun!

7. Uno. This is a snappy, fast paced card game (fun for up to 10 players!). There are 4 colors in an Uno deck. The objective is to get rid of all your cards first, while scoring points for the cards your opponents are still holding at the end of the game. The cards have 4 suits, wild cards, and directional cards that can change the game at a lightning pace.

Games keep your mind moving and boost your confidence. Research clearly shows that games are a great way to cross train your brain and have fun at the same time.

You deserve a more youthful spirit. So grab your game board, find a partner, fill a snack bowl and get your gaming on tonight!


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