Dynamic Day

Choose to Make Your Day Dynamic

Choose one of two ways to get off to a great start.

The first is to dive in; tackling whatever is in front of you. You might check your emails. This is an interesting beginning as it is always possible something fun and new came in since you last looked.

Another scenario is firefighting. Firefighting is the act of facing and finding quick fix solutions for all the
emergency situations that seem to be coming at you from unknown sources. These urgent problems can also eat up an alarming amount of your work day.

Maybe you are fighting fires. Are you facing and finding quick fix solutions for all the emergency situations that seem to be coming at you from unknown sources? These urgent problems can wreck havoc on your time.

What is an alternative method of beginning your day? Remember that this day is a gift to you. You can choose what to do with it, but you only get it once.

What if we do the important but-not urgent tasks first? These are the tasks that will advance your life goals. Prioritize and complete these tasks first and you will almost certainly complete them. Here is how.

2. At the beginning of your day, pull out your weekly goals. What will you do today to advance your weekly goal? List this (these) tasks.

3. Now get to work. Scan your emails — don’t read them! do not getted bogged down! Also, scan anything else you think needs your attetnion and cannot be put off. Phone messages, faxes inbox and anywhere else you receive communication. Get an overview of what new items will require your attention today.

You should have spent no more than 30-45 minutes and gathered up the information required to plan your day. You know what you have to do, and are already planning it in your mind. You don’t have to worry about forgetting something important.

4. On a clean sheet of paper, or index cards, prioritize 10 -15 things you intend to accomplish before the end of the day. Be realistic. You will not be able to do much more than this. From the 10-15 highlight 4 or 5 items that are important-but-not-urgent and critical to your long term goals. Prioritize these items first, and then follow with the remaining items in some sort of order. Put an estimated time to complete each item beside it.

At the end of the day, your review of what got done and the actual time it took will be a great education and experience for future planning. With practice, this skill will serve you well.

5. Now pick a task you’ll enjoy and do it.

How much time would all this take? Maybe 90 minutes! And – you have completed a step towards your 3-5 year plan. (What would a constant daily step towards your goal will produce?) You know what else you must do today, and you know where it will lead.

If you begin to do the important-but-not urgent items on a daily basis, you will find less urgent items surprising you. The feeling and knowledge of achievement will be encouragement for you to continue to strengthen your skills in this area.

Which way will you begin your day tomorrow?

Miami Phillips mentors and teaches business owners how to live have a successful business and personal life. http://www.smallbusinessexpertise.com


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