Check Out the New Community Features

One our goals for 2008 is to increase the level of conversation on PickTheBrain. To help you keep track of all the discussions going on, we’ve added a couple new community features:

  1. Recent Comments – The right sidebar now contains a section near the top for recent comments. This highlights the last 5 comments made on PickTheBrain and provides a link back to the thread so you can hop right in to the discussion.
  2. Threaded Comments – If you want to reply directly to a specific comment, rather than posting all the way at the bottom of the thread, you can now post directly below it with the thread comments feature. Just click the “reply” link next to the commenter’s name that you’d like to reply to and your comment will automatically be nested below it.

Any other features or content ideas that you’d like to see on PickTheBrain? Shout em out in the comments.