Best Hoverboards to Buy in 2018

Not very long ago was the time when people zoomed around in roller blades and basic skateboards. These gadgets are till date deemed to be cool and trendy by a large portion of the youth. However, with a dynamic transition taking place in the field of mobility, old-styled youth toys are facing some serious competition from modern age, battery operated much cooler gizmos.

Popularity of Hoverboards has been on the rise over the last few years, it is important to do some research in order to make sure that you buy the best as well as the safest hoverboard that best fits in you budget. Therefore, review of the Best Hoverboards in 2018 by Definite point aims to help readers make a much more informed choice.

The article does an in-depth analysis of the top rated hoverboards, reviewing them against the key areas which prove to be most critical considerations while buying the self-balancing scooters. Definite Point’s review gives a brief of some of the distinguishing factors that each of these hoverboards are equipped with. For instance, Swagtron T380, and T6 Off-Road Hoverboard have Bluetooth speakers, LED lights and multiple riding modes, along with an additional carry handle in the T380 model. Or that the GOTRAX Hoverfly Eco has a unique feature of gyroscopic sensors.

In addition to these, another self-balancing scooter that is creating a sensation in the market is the Halo Rover All-Terrain hoverboard, which has the highest ratings as per customer reviews in the industry majorly because of its features like high density aluminum fender wings, all-terrain large tires, and weight capacity of about 264 lbs. An additional feature that makes it stand out is the No Fall Technology present in the scooter in the form of Ride Assist. This is responsible for the balance it maintains and stays upright whenever it is switched on, and is thus, a great equipment to be used by starters who want to learn the balancing act on such a scooter by avoiding the falls. Other significant attributes like a smartphone app, Bluetooth compatibility, safety certification of its batteries and a Free Bag to carry it around, many reviewing websites have unanimously ranked it as the number one hoverboard of 2018.

Before buying a hoverboard, it is very important that you know about the restrictions affiliated with each of the products under consideration. Like the wheels on the Swagtron T380 are not rugged enough to ride on rough topographies, or that the Gyroor Warrior 2018 does not support a companion app implying that modes cannot be changed and battery cannot be seen from your smartphone.


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