How to Become an Original Thinker and Fascinate People With Your Fresh Ideas

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation — Herman Melville


Do you have trouble interesting people in you?

You want to join in the conversation but you feel you have little to add. Do they all seem to know more than you?

You struggle to find the right words. You try to be smart but nobody’s paying attention.

Why can’t you be in the spotlight for once?

I used to be awkward at social gatherings. I struggled to come up with something valuable to say. And when I thought of something, the conversation had moved on. I felt dumb.

But I implemented a simple plan. A plan to become smarter. To draw people’s attention.

Wanna do the same?

Go to the Origins

Ever tried reading Genesis?

Well, you don’t have to go that far back.

But going to the origins makes you amazingly smart.

Let me explain.

Reading a processed idea is like cooking a dish by following a recipe. The food might be great but you don’t learn to cook.

Finding yourself in a kitchen full of ingredients, you are lost. You don’t understand how the ingredients interact with each other to produce a delicious meal.

A seasoned chef doesn’t need recipes. He knows why different ingredients are put together. He understands how to combine them to form a delicious dish.

Reading processed ideas gets you a single point of view. You might be great regurgitating ideas but you suck in making your own.

To form your own ideas, dig deeper.

Read the original writings. Follow the writer’s thought process. Learn how he builds his argument. This helps you connect the dots and build your own eye-popping ideas. When you go to the sources you have plenty of room for interpretation. And for your own original thought.

Use recipes wisely. Don’t limit yourself to them.

Take the mind-blowing book 1000 Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently by Marc and Angel. To fully understand the ideas behind it, go back to one of the classics.
The book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, for instance, gives you a deeper understanding of the concepts behind Marc and Angel’s book.

Keep looking for the origins. Dig deeper.

Become the chef. Cook your own ideas.

Keep a Pencil Behind Your Ear

Quick question.

When you have a great idea, what do you do?

Do you take a mental note of it?

Or do you take out a notepad and a pencil to write it down?

Most of us are lazy. We can’t be bothered with writing down our thoughts. Heck, we don’t even spend time to figure them out properly.

We take a mental note and continue with our day. Only to find out later that we can’t remember what this great idea was about.

Keep a pen and a notepad handy to write new ideas as they pop up.

Too vintage for you? Type them on your smartphone.

I often have great ideas when I least expect them. Blog post topics pop up in my head while I’m working out or taking a shower. Having a way to write them down immediately is a great way to track your best thoughts and insights.

Don’t lose your ideas. They’re invaluable.

Embrace Loneliness

Let me guess.

You like to keep up to date. At breakfast you read the latest news. At work you check your email every 5 minutes.

Even sitting in the toilet you swipe mindlessly through your twitter account.

When was the last time you sat in silence? Allowing your mind to wander. Letting yourself to be bored.

Research shows that being bored increases your creativity. When you stop consuming information and you start reflecting, you begin to actually THINK.

But trying to stop consuming by relying on willpower is like resisting a delicious chocolate bar while being on a diet. Chances are you’ll give in.

Instead of wasting your energy, remove the temptation.

Find a quiet place. Turn off your smartphone. Shut the door and close your eyes.

Let your thoughts float and interact with each other. Creating connections. Sparking your creativity.

Stop consuming endless information. Start producing original thoughts.

The Truth About Being Interesting

Being interesting is not about being born with the right set of skills.

It’s about developing who you are.

People don’t listen to dumbasses. They listen to those who whet their appetite to learn more.

Become knowledgeable.

All you need to become someone worth listening to, is to learn constantly.

Become so interesting that people are drawn to you.

So interesting that they can’t help but listen to you.

Work your ass off. Become wickedly smart.

DESERVE people’s attention.


P.S. What beliefs are holding you back from drawing people’s attention? How do you overcome them? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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