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Be Who You Want To Be

“Your colleagues might like you better if you like yourself better” – Chandler Bing, Friends

Your self-image is the one largest factor to your success and to your happiness.
If you can learn to truly appreciate yourself and respect what you can bring to the table your life will never be the same.

Getting to know you
If you are going to like yourself you first need to know yourself.

Take some time alone, sit in a room with a piece of paper and right down everything that you feel makes you, you. The positive, the negative and the things that just are.

No one is perfect
Don’t be worried that it says a lot of negative things on that list.
They are a part of you, but know that you know about them you can start on working to improve them.

Focus on the positive
Copy off everything positive from the first list on to a new piece of paper; take a look at that list.
Seeing all the positive things about you makes you feel good and what is best, they are all true. 
That is you!

How do you wish to be described?
Another technique you can try is to describe your “perfect person”.
How would you want to be? What do you wish people said about you when you weren’t there?

That you are a loyal friend? A caring person? Honest? Impressive? Ambitious?

What do you need to do to become your “Perfect person”?
Look at that description of your “perfect person”, what are the differences between tat person and yourself? What would you need to change in order to become the one you want to be?

Fake it till you make it!
Now that you know who you are know and who you want to be, pretend you are the person you want to be.
If you want people to call you honest, pretend that you are a honest person. Act like a honest person should in all situations, tell the truth all the time.

If you want to be described as ambitious act as a superbly ambitious person would, take the chances that come your way, act on them and dream big.

The act becomes reality
What often happens when pretending to be someone else for a long time is that we actually become that person.

Try it and before you know it you will be who you want to be and you can have the confidence to like yourself, just like you should.

Thank you very much for reading!
//Daniel Wood

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