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If You Want to Be Happy Be -

If You Want to Be Happy, Be

Being happy is a choice. Consciously live the life that you desire. Start today. Really decide to be happy and follow these tips to increase your happiness. Continue reading

5 Ways Working Out Improves Your Confidence

Working out has a nice side-effect of increasing your confidence and success. Through discipline, you learn what it means to set goals and follow through. Continue reading

Success -

The 9 Traits of Successful People

Successful people are like birds in a flock. They often possess like qualities and attributes. Continue reading

3 Ways to Keep Moving Through Hell -

3 Ways to Keep Moving Through Hell

Many times, when we start to chase after our goals and desires, we inevitably face challenges in the form of rejection and failure. Continue reading

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9 Ways to Smash Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that limit us. Put another way, they are excuses on why we fail or why we refuse to even try. Continue reading

Why You Need to Learn to Be Outcome Independent

Why You Need to be Outcome Independent

Just as it sounds, outcome independence is learning to be independent of the outcome of a situation, whether that situation is a date, a job interview, or a request for help. Continue reading