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How We Got Love All Wrong

Our romanticized idea of love made us believe that love is a feeling. That high we experience when we feel we can’t be without the other. When we can’t stop thinking about them. That is an obsession, and the chemical … Continue reading

Why Romanticized Love is Destroying Relationships

Divorce rates are currently at 40-50% in the US and even higher for subsequential marriages. Marriage satisfaction is 58%, so something is not working. What has gone wrong? Love is the top reason for people getting married in the USA. … Continue reading

Relationship Advice from a Relationship Coach (in an Imperfect Relationship)

I heard that dreaded bling, and I knew it was not good news. I could feel the tension in my stomach and the messages said, “I don’t think we should be in contact anymore.” I wanted this to work out, … Continue reading