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Lesley is a professional web writer and content creator. She contributes to publications on digital marketing, writing craft, self-development, and productivity. In books and travels she trusts, so you are welcome to meet Lesley on Facebook and discuss Hemingway or Paris with her.

Recent Articles

Use These 3 Writing Principles to Boost Self-Confidence

How often do you try to persuade people and convey your ideas to others? For students working on essays or professionals engaging in a debate, it’s a regular activity. They know the principles of argumentative writing inside and out, and they use them. Continue reading

Overcoming Atelophobia, the Fear of Being Imperfect

What is your biggest irrational fear? For many, it’s the fear of snakes, spiders, heights, or closed spaces. But for others, their greatest fear is not being perfect. If you are constantly stressed by the pursuit of perfection or find … Continue reading


What Happens to Your Life When You Write Goals Down

The idea of giving promises to oneself isn’t new. Most people do that. We vow to quit smoking, set a life goal, read more books, spend less time on Facebook showing jealousy to our friends’ success… You name it! In … Continue reading

How To Reset and Make a General Cleaning of Your Life

Your life puzzle will be always gathered in one and the same picture if you use the same elements, no matter how you mix them at the start.

You need to start your consciousness and new experience creation from a total reset. Continue reading