An Easy Way to Get Paid for Something You Already Do

Anyone that browses the web for more than 5 hours a month should sign up with AGLOCO to get paid.

Here is the basic outline of the idea in the company’s words:

Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making?

AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. (For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!

AGLOCO will work to get its Members their share of this and more. AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are not only paying Members their fair share, but they’re building a community that will generate the same kind of fortune as YouTube. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it, but what is the catch? There doesn’t really seem to be one and there is absolutely no spyware.

Here is how AGLOCO works. First you download the AGLOCO toolbar. When you want to get paid for searching the web, you open this toolbar and it sits at the bottom of your browser. The toolbar monitors your browsing and displays ads that you can (and will) choose to ignore. The maximum time you can be paid to browse is 5 hours a month.

This isn’t where the real money is made though. The real money comes from referrals. Anytime you refer someone else to join AGLOCO you make money from them and all the people they refer up to 5 degrees of separation. If you build a large network of referrals you can make serious cash.

The idea behind AGLOCO is not brand new. The same idea was used under the name of AllAdvantage in the early 2000’s, but went under in the first dotcom crash. Before it did people like John Chow made a lot of money. Chow made $27,000 himself.

If you’d like to sign up for AGLOCO and start building your network of referrals click here. This is a very easy thing you can do to build up some passive income. What do you have to lose?


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