9 Things That Happen When You Actually Stand Up For Yourself

1) You’ll realize not everyone will agree with you

Even your friends.

As sad as it sounds, when you stand up for yourself, your beliefs and your values, not everyone will agree with it. It sounds daunting, especially when you think you’re in the right.

But this is where you need to stay strong, and continue to stand up for yourself. You can’t let up. Don’t cower down. Just push on.

This is where you’ll know who are your true friends or not.

2) You’ll feel an adrenaline rush 

Cause it is kind of scary. You wouldn’t know what to expect.

Don’t back down though. Just go through with it. Say what you have to say and do what you have to do.

This is how you grow as a person. You’d truly grow when you face challenges and overcome them.

3) You’ll become more confident

After you stand up for yourself, you’d realize you’re due the respect you deserve from those around you. You’ll realize others’ opinions should never make you change the way you are.

4) You’ll be surprised at how some people react

I remember standing up for myself to some friends who thought they could walk all over me.

I snapped at them.

They were immediately extremely apologetic, which was weird because I didn’t expect that out of them at all.

You’ll be surprised how insecure some people can be. When somebody is trying to bully you constantly, it only means that they’re weak inside.

5) You’ll learn to master your emotions

As said, you grow the most in the face of challenges and overcoming them.

Standing up for yourself requires emotional control. Only weak people go off the handle as they take the easy path and start to react in a dramatic manner.

So as you stand up for yourself, no matter what happens, you’d be effectively learning how to master your emotions and control them.

6) You’ll gain the respect from those around you

Even from those who trying to get the better of you.

Everybody then, would know not to mess you with start to start to think twice about trying to take advantage of you.

7) You’ll create better relationships in your life

Real friends respect you. There’s that.

And after you stand up for yourself, you’d know how to dump the toxic and negative people in your life.

You’ll then start to consciously surround yourself with positive people only.

8) You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and trouble

Now, standing up for yourself doesn’t have to happen in the “heat of moment”, like in the middle of a confrontation or argument.

It could be a formal discussion over Skype as you talk to a potential partner about business.

It’s easy to keep wanting to be polite and say yes to everything, but that may lead to wasted time and money only.

If you stand up for yourself early and voice your views, you stand to save yourself the trouble.

9) You’ll discover new things about yourself

A word of caution though: It could be things you’re not proud of.

You may have lost control and say things you didn’t mean. Or you may wonder why something minor affected you so badly.

You may however also discover how capable and strong you really are.

And that’s awesome. It all contributes to your growth.

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