9 Little Things That Make A Huge Difference For Your Happiness

9 little things that make a huge difference for your happiness

When it comes to happiness, most, if not all people are always advocating the idea of not letting the little things get to you.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” as they say.

Let’s flip it around. The little things DO matter.

“A little bit goes a long way” as we all should say.

There’re a ton of simple ideas we can take up on to alleviate our pains, our ills and boost our happiness two to threefold.

1) Cleaning up your room

Because nobody, and I mean nobody will ever be happy living in their own filth. Whoever claims otherwise are probably hoarders and have major issues they need looking into.

A clean environment makes up for a healthy atmosphere, mind, body and soul. This is how you look forward to actually going back home and enjoy being alone.

So clean it up. Get rid of the clutter. Do a weekly thorough cleaning session and your mood will improve for sure.

2) Having enough sleep in a stretch

And when I mean a stretch, I mean sleeping 7-8 hours at a go. You can’t cheat by taking a few naps throughout the day and then back it up with Red Bull or some energy drink.

This may sound obvious enough, but most people don’t get enough sleep due to their hectic lifestyles. As a result, people get unknowingly cranky and unhappy.

You’ll look better too and definitely fall sick less.

3) Dress up. Groom

It’s easy to think and justify that we shouldn’t bother having to look good when we don’t have any engagements for the day. But I think it’s important to look good on the outside at all the times. If anything, we should put in the minimal effort to do so.

You’d want to look in the mirror and know you’re at your best. You do know after all, when you look your best. Why limit it to rare occasions? I don’t dress up at home, but I always shave or put on my contact lenses when I head out to wherever.

Look good for yourself. You’d subconsciously become more confident in everything you do then.

4) Shower

Again another obvious point, but surprisingly, most people don’t do this. I know of many friends who choose to head to bed after a night of drinking without showering. Gross.

So, at the risk of sounding like your mom, shower. Wash off the dirt and feel fresh. Clean behind your ears. This is how you stay clean, healthy and not smell bad.

This isn’t the cavemen era anymore. I bet you aren’t homeless either. Stop living with dirt!

5) Do that one piece of work, no matter where, no matter what

You know what happens when you decide to procrastinate and hold off work?

You feel half-hearted. You think you get to enjoy your newly-found space of free time, but at the back of your mind, you’re thinking of the work. You’re feeling guilty and unaccomplished.

That’s not how you become happy. You HAVE to do the work. So feel uncomfortable and do it anyway. It will make you happy later on.

6) Take a break

Yet, remember that you’re allowed to take breaks. Don’t overwhelm yourself with work and think that you’re have to use up every second of your time being productive.

You aren’t a robot.

7) Get off social media for just a bit everyday

It’s my personal opinion that social media does more bad than good. I think we’re constantly distracted and becoming unhappy because of it.

Now, I’m not asking you to go cold turkey and start hating on technology. I’m saying, take a break from it every now and then. Get off Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a couple of hours a day.

You’ll start to notice your surroundings. You’ll start to appreciate things for what they are and you’ll fall back in love with things. You can also create meaningful conversations with those around you.

How does this happen? Because you’re no longer relying on updates just to be happy.

Take this small step. You’re fully capable of being happy off the grid.

8) Don’t spend, yet spend

Let me be blunt:

If you’ve a ton of savings, then go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it. Life isn’t all about money, but it does make our life easier. And since you’ve worked hard for it, you should be rewarded.

If you don’t, stop spending. Please put that credit card back in your wallet. Don’t even think of going drinking if your idea of spending is only with credit.

Depending on where you are in life, be sensible with money. That’s all. There’re too many, if I may say it, stupid ideas on money by dumb and reckless people.

Be sure to manage your finances and life well your own way.

9) Don’t think about helping people. Just do it

Have you ever walked across a homeless person begging for money and then decide to give some change? But, when you reach in to your wallet, you realize the notes you’re carrying are too big. You then feel conflicted on whether you should give or not.

By then, you’ve walked far away.

And then you feel bad. You feel worse later because you end up spending that big note on some useless thing you don’t need.

That’s the folly in a lot of us. Perhaps it’s time we decide to help others to help ourselves. It DOES work that way!

Stop thinking about it. Stop thinking only for yourself. Use the power of impulse to make this world a better place. You’ll be guaranteed happiness this way.

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