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8 Simple Reminders For a Happy, Fulfilling Life

Life can be pretty tough eh?

We get so caught up in everything that we tend to forget the most important thing for ourselves, which is to be happy, no matter what.

And ironically, when we try to look for solutions to be happy, via reading blogs, meditating or whatever, we get even more confused and happiness evades us yet again.

I don’t think we need to try so hard to be happy. We can be happy. We’re fully capable of that.

Here are 8 simple reminders for a happy, fulfilling life

1) “Life is simple, don’t overanalyze everything.”

It can be that simple you know.

If you want something, go get it.

If you like her, ask her out.

If you want to accomplish things, get to work.

The key idea is to stop thinking so much about it and take action. Whatever happens after that, happens. You’ll grow from it. Pretty soon you’d have done a lot of things and that’s awesome.

2) “I don’t have to take it personally.”

The annoying and even bad things that happen in your life aren’t exactly directed personally to you.

A negative person who wants to hurt you doesn’t have a special agenda where he or she makes it their life purpose to make you miserable. They’re just miserable.

A negative, random event that came upon you wasn’t specially constructed by the universe (or God, if you’re religious) to test you either.

It is your life, but it’s just that, life. Don’t take everything so personally. That’s just the recipe for misery. Just focus on what would make you happy instead.

3) “I don’t need to be perfect.”

Because perfection does not exist. Nobody is perfect either. And you can never be perfect.
So don’t get too obsessed with every little detail in the fruitless aim for perfection. You’ll never succeed.

Instead, always try your best and appreciate the process.

4) “Neither do I have to be the best in everything.”

I think a little competition is healthy, but going overboard in trying to be ahead of others isn’t.

What more, if you want to be the best in things you don’t even care for, you’re going to be very unhappy. For sure.

Again, just keep trying your best.

5) “Do I want to be right? Or be at peace?”

Here’s a little newsflash: The former doesn’t necessarily bring happiness.

It’s kind of like winning a heated argument. You may have won, but you’re breathless and maybe even a little guilt-ridden from all the words you spitted out.

Look deep and recognize what makes you happy instead. Be at peace with what you have, regardless of whether you “won” or “lost” in something.

6) “I am not my job”

I know we all got to work. We’ve responsibilities and we can’t just up and quit our jobs anytime we want. It’s not that easy.

Yet, remember that you’re not your job. What your job scope entails and the amount of income you earn are not real indicators of what you’re truly capable of.

Live your life outside of your work (yes, you’ve a life outside). Find passion and love what you do. Express yourself through your own art.

Oh and if you’re working at a place where politics are rampant and your boss is abusive, leave it at the office. You are not your job’s toxic culture either.

7) “I am very fortunate.”

That means to say, you’re better off than a lot of people in the world, people who don’t even have their basic needs fulfilled, like food, water and shelter.

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are when we’re too caught up in life.

Be grateful for what you have then. You wouldn’t want to be in the position where you actually start losing what you have.

8) “Have some fun.”

You do know you’re allowed to have fun right?

That’s not to say you should start being frivolous and abandon your responsibilities, but hey, you’re only human, and like everyone else, you just want to be happy.

Joke around a little. Smile. Laugh with your friends. Appreciate the goodness. Have some fun and stop taking everything so seriously!

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