57 Things Your Inner Critic Needs To Hear You Say (Especially # 3)

Be yourself, think for yourself and while your conclusions may not be infallible they will be nearer right than conclusions forced upon you.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

Does your inner voice nag you?

You are a mature adult, yet you live each day by the rules of your inner voice.

You are the one empowering the voice of your inner child, dictating criticisms and put-downs at every opportunity, then directing them at yourself.

On a cognitive level you know this, yet on an emotional level, you hold onto this voice, allowing your inner critic to win nearly every time.

This voice tears at your self confidence and passes judgment on your every move.
Yet you keep allowing it to happen.

Here Are 7 Things Your Inner-Critic Needs To Hear You Say

1. Stop repeating yourself. A tsunami of repetitive, negative messages can ruminate for ages. Does your voice call you names or put you down? Do you hear your parents dominating your thoughts with criticism? Identify the voice you hear, then crush it to powder, replacing it with the positive thoughts that truly reflect your life’s choices.

2. You are a liar. Most of what your inner voice tells you is simply untrue. Take personal inventory by looking at yourself objectively and acknowledging what is and isn’t true. Never sacrifice your opportunity to be happy today by living in the past.

3. I do belong. Your inner critic may reflect the voice of childhood friends. As a child, you desperately wanted to fit in. Most of us connect and share memories of being hurt or dismissed because we were different. Now is the time to let go of the childish voices and allow yourself to be known for the greatness you possess as an adult.

4. I am not weak. The inner voice likes to pick on your weaknesses. If you examine the messages, you will see the absurdity. Engaging in self-talk about your strengths and celebrating the person that truly exists is liberating and promotes self confidence.

5. I am not afraid. Look at your fears and test them. Most of your fears stem from childhood experiences. This time and space reflects a child without resources to handle issues. You are now an adult with many experiences, so don’t allow your childhood fears to bully or threaten the adult that lives today.

6. Stop beating me up. Don’t let your inner voice pummel your spirit. Give yourself the love and approval you want and silence your natural instincts to give into the nagging and negativity that can dominate your thoughts.
7. I am grounded. Don’t let your inner voice have authority or power over your feelings. You are an adult, with choices, abilities, and tools that weren’t available to you when you were a child. Live by your values, rules and ideas. Most importantly, stay grounded in who you are and who you want to be.
Identifying your voice is key.

By adding positive messages to your memory bank and squashing the criticisms whenever they arrive, you are taking action to abandon those aspects of yourself that do not belong in your world.

Divorce yourself from your inner critic and you will reduce the hold it has on your thoughts.

The next time a critical voice creeps up on you, own your perspective, take a stand and eliminate the negativity forever.


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