The 7 Perks of a Virtual Office: How To Relieve Stress and Increase Engagement

One of the huge advantages of running your own business or being a freelancer is you can work from a virtual office. A virtual office allows you to present a professional image to the world, providing you with a physical address, office telephone number and in some cases even people to answer your calls and take messages. Meanwhile you are free to work from home or even on the move.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits this brings to you in terms of health and happiness.

Say Goodbye to Commuting

This will probably be the number one advantage for many people. You will waste much less time travelling, either standing on a crowded train or sitting at the wheel of your car, instead you can take a gentle stroll to your desk with a cup of coffee in your hand. Not only does this free up hours of your day but it is also a lot less stressful.

Motivating Surroundings

Many people find that working from home fosters their creativity and ensures they get much more work done in the time available. This is because when you work alone you have far fewer interruptions and can focus on the task at hand. The environment is quiet and you can also surround yourself with items which spark your imagination or spur you on to work. Maybe you put framed motivational quotes on your desk or every now and again you can look out at the great view from the window and realise what you are working for.

You Stay Healthier

When you work from home it means you won’t pick up every cough, cold and bug which is often circulating a workplace. Furthermore, if you are ill you can still get some work done, but at your own pace. You don’t have to choose between taking sick leave because you don’t want to pass your germs on to others or going into work even though you feel awful. Working from a virtual office means you can work as you feel able to throughout the day.

A Stress Free Life

A large reason you become less stressed when you work from home is because you no longer need to sit through interminable meetings while work piles up on your desk. You also don’t have to deal with office politics or that difficult colleague you used to sit next to.

Enjoy the Flexibility

Working from home means you can set your own schedule and work at those hours when you are most productive. The work still has to get done but if you need to take half an hour out to pick up the children from school you can do so without getting disapproving looks from your colleagues.

Create Your Own Environment

We mentioned that you can decorate your own space as you wish when you work from home and this can mean it’s a much nicer place to work than a stark cubicle. However working from home also means you can choose your own desk and chair and set the workstation up ergonomically, which means less back and neck strain. You can also get up and more around more freely and even do some stretching exercises. You also retain control over the temperature you feel most comfortable at and are free to make a cup of tea whenever you want to.

Choose When You Have Company

Of course working from home does mean you might sometimes crave human interaction, but the beauty of a virtual office is you can go and work in a coffee shop or even a co-working space from time to time.

Overall, working from a virtual office means you can focus and remain fully engaged with your work; enjoy all the benefits of working in your own surroundings; while also having the option to work alongside others on occasion; who could ask for a better working environment.


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