7 Killer Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Beliefs are powerful.

Yet, they’re tricky.

The smallest and most simple words in your head can make a big difference in your world. Check it out.

1) “When will it come?”

Stop wondering when your deepest desires will come. Stop basing your life on hope only.

Most of all, stop thinking you’ll be happy only when you get that thing you want.

Instead, think, “Here it is now. Here it is now.”

Be in the present. Accept the positive vibes around you. Be grateful for what you have. Let these good feelings flow with you while you do the work. And soon enough, you’d accomplish many great things.

2) “I’m not as successful as others.”

Most commonly, we think that in order to be successful, we have to be become rich or famous like people who have “made it” in life.

Then we start to feel inferior, insecure or even jealous.

“Success is individual. I’m done very great things in my unique life” is what you should be thinking about.

It doesn’t matter if what you’ve gained and accomplished in your life is different from others. Your success is your own. So

So own it.

3) “I just got lucky.”

When I was struggling with my blog, I’d always attribute the random sales I make as “luck”, thinking that I can’t get establish a consistent form of success.

That is, until my mentor told to stop thinking that way.

He told me, “Say that you’re a BEAST! Whatever that means to you!”

Do you see that you need to celebrate all your success, be it big or small?

You need to own it. You need to be confident. Block out the negativity and even the idea that you got randomly lucky. Everything comes from you, so believe in that.

That’s how you start believing in yourself. So start telling yourself a different story. You can be anything, be it beast, superhero, master or whatever.

4) “It’s too hard.”


Think, “There’s nothing I can’t overcome so long as I work towards it.”

How do you work towards it?

You start small.

You change and shift your thoughts, down to the very last word. You take it day by day and make SMALL steps.

Soon enough, you’d have done many big, and amazing things.

All you have to do is work, and work is not that hard. Just be patient.

5) “It should be guaranteed.”

This is extremely dangerous.

You need to get this in your head, “There’re no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is death itself.”

It may sound dark, but the point here is to stop relying on so-called guarantees in life.

For example, you shouldn’t want to take up a challenging business endeavor only because you’re supposedly guaranteed a large amount of money in return.

That kind of thinking rarely ever gets you anywhere, especially when you’re just starting out.

So, just try. Always do your best and let go of all attachment to the result in itself.

Besides, we’re all going to die anyway. So stop worrying so much and try your hardest.

6) “It’s not my fault. They’re to blame.”

Listen up. This is going to be a tough one.

Life is unfair. That is why bad things happen to you even though you’re innocent.

It’s easy to blame others and say that it’s their fault.

That’s true… but at the end of the day, no matter what, you’re one hundred percent responsible for how you feel.

“I’m in charge of my thoughts and in control of how I feel” is all there is.

Once you realize that you’re the master who’s calling all the shots, your life will change that much better.

7) “I failed.”

And thus the biggest misunderstanding about failure comes forth, that is that we think it’s the end.

Failure is never the end. Failure is not a bad thing either.

Change your thoughts to this simple, but powerful line, “Life is an experiment.”

You just keep trying and learn along the way. You’ll eventually get it right, for failure provides the best lessons that’ll stick with you for life.

Revel in the lessons, and be thankful for the struggle.

You’ll get there one day and you’ll know that your failures were necessary to make you the person you’re meant to be.

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