7 Great Ways To Have Empowering Beliefs

Beliefs are acquired through our life experiences.

Over the years we develop empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs. Our success in life is determined by whichever is dominant. Those with dominant empowering beliefs achieve more, suffer less and make a significant contribution, while those with dominant limiting beliefs achieve less, suffer more and do nothing of much significance.

The transformational moments in our lives happen when we switch from a dominant limiting belief to a dominant empowering belief. If you think back of an AHA moment that you’ve experienced, you will realize that it was a moment when you broke free from one or some of your limiting beliefs.

Your newly acquired freedom creates a transformational impact on your life.

I this article I would like to share with you a few ways to help you experience more AHA  moments and cultivate more empowering beliefs. The more empowering beliefs you have, the more you’ll enjoy your life and accelerate your success.

Here are seven great ways to have empowering beliefs:

1. Read Empowering Books:

Nothing contributed more to my success in life than reading empowering motivational books. I’m a prolific reader and the more empowering ideas I feed into my mind, the more confident I become and the more freedom I experience.

As the saying goes, “Garbage in, Garbage out”

What you feed into your mind is reflected back on your life.

Acquiring new empowering ideas about life and success will help you form new empowering beliefs. Each new book will challenge your limiting beliefs and gives you real life examples of people who changed their limiting beliefs and how you too can change yours.

Zig Ziglar once said, “Motivation is like shower. You need it everyday!”

When I experienced the greatest failure in my speaking career so far, nothing helped me bounce back more than the empowering ideas that I was feeding into mind. I read a lot of motivational and success books, and I understand that failure is inevitable and that it teaches you life’s greatest lessons. So, I embraced the failure and moved forward to achieve some of the greatest accomplishments in my speaking career.

I was even named Egypt’s best motivational speaker by a meeting planner.

2. Question your Beliefs

Sometimes we own wrong beliefs which are actually not true. We just formed them in after a certain life experience, but this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily true or at least not true ALL the time.

When you question your beliefs, you assume that they might be wrong or that they are not helping you anymore to achieve what you want. And that is the first step to break free from your limiting beliefs.

The easiest way to question your limiting beliefs is to think of an accomplishment you would like to achieve for each year of the next 30 years (or what you see relevant to you). I learned about this interesting technique from an interesting article at High Existence called 30 Challenges for 30 Days. It is a great way to reflect, question your beliefs and face your life as it is now or as it is likely to unfold.

3. Keep an Eye on Inspiring Success Stories

When you read stories of people who overcame adversity and rose up from the trenches to fulfill big dreams, you feel empowered to follow the same path.

Success stories give hope and help you recognize the beliefs the lead to failure and the beliefs that lead to success. This way you can clearly see the type of beliefs you need to cultivate to live a notable story.

Make it a habit to always be searching for new inspiring success stories to empower you to live your own success story.

4. Connecting With Empowering People

Surrounding yourself with passionate, successful and empowering people forms the greatest support system you can have to achieve all your goals.

Empowering people can motivate you, encourage you or lift you up when things go wrong or tough. They can hold you accountable and help you stay on track. It doesn’t make sense to hang out with negative people who hold disempowering beliefs about life. This won’t do you any favor.

Networking with important people, those who have made it to where you want to go, is the best thing you can do to skyrocket your passion. Connecting with your mentors or role models is probably the most powerful source to find and cultivate empowering beliefs.

Those people are guaranteed to help you replace any limiting belief you might have with an empowering one. For example, what gave my speaking career a boost was a very simple advice from my mentor and executive speakers’ coach, Mike Landrum.

I always read about the importance of storytelling in public speaking, but I always had the belief that nothing about my life was special or worth sharing on the stage. That until Mike challenged this belief and helped me mine the treasures in my life. As a result, my speaking skills jumped up to a whole new level — the level of PROFESSIONAL speakers.

5. Eliminating Physical Clutter (aka Simplify)

Simple living is a secret uncommon way to develop empowering beliefs. When I started practicing simple living and eliminating physical clutter from my life, specially when I started doing the 100 Thing Challenge, I was surprised by its magical effect.

Your life can be transformed when you start letting go of anything that is no longer useful. As you practice letting go of the unnecessary, you will develop the skill of letting go of limiting beliefs too. When you create more space in your life for what matters most, you will extend this space to mental and emotional clutter as well.

Simplifying is a great way to break free from anything that is pulling you down.

6. Try New Experiences

Practice a new skill, travel to a new place, experience different cultures, and get out of your comfort zone. Since your limiting beliefs were formed as a result of your life experiences, you can form new beliefs or let go of old ones by exposing yourself to new experiences.

We all know that the best way to overcome your fear is to face it and do what your fear is telling you NOT to do. Similarly, overcoming limiting beliefs requires trying new experiences that challenge these beliefs or form new empowering ones.

Stretching your mind and enriching your life with new experiences regularly will challenge the strongest beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving what you want.

Trying new experiences gives you new eyeglasses through which you can see the world in a better and more informed way. It increases your possibilities and the person who has more possibilities usually wins (like my mentor Jim Cathcart used to say).

7. Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to reflect on and examine your beliefs. When you put your thoughts on paper you gain more clarity and awareness of what is stopping you and what is empowering you.

When I started a gratitude journal I realized how much I was blessed. It made me realize that at any given moment in life, my blessings are much more than my problems.

Moreover, keeping an eye on what I was grateful for in my life attracted more of what I liked. It kind of activated the law of attraction!

I highly encourage you to start a gratitude journal today. And each day before you go to sleep write down one thing you were grateful for in that day.

And begin to watch the magic!

You can choose to have empowering beliefs. Pick one of the seven ways above and start cultivating more empowering beliefs in your life. When your empowering beliefs become dominant, your life will turn into a life of success and significance.

What other ways have you tried to cultivate empowering beliefs?


Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and the creator of “The P.A.S. Technique: The World’s Easiest Way To Find Your Passion and Purpose In Life”. Visit his Transformational Motivation blog now to grab your free copy of his special report “4 Steps to a Life of Passion”.

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