7 Actions To Undo For a Healthy Body

Right now, the chances that your legs are crossed and you are slouching over your chair are extremely high. Working at computers, sitting on our phones and even simply driving in the car, can be the onset of many terrible habits for our bodies that we should be aware of. Simple movements like consistently leaning to one hip and over-extending the neck can cause physical issues as we age, so let’s stop them now!

Here are 7 actions you should stop doing:

  1. Sitting Cross-Legged: causes varicose veins & low back pain
  2. Crossing Arms: sends a message of uncertainty & doubt
  3. Leaning To One Hip: causes misalignment in hips & glutes
  4. Slouching: causes headaches, jaw pain & back pain (sit tall!)
  5. Pelvic Tilt: weakens abdominal muscles & causes strain to low back
  6. Neck Extension: adds 10-20 lbs of weight to the neck (bring your reading material up to you!)
  7. Sleeping with Arms Overhead: creates tension in upper back & shoulders

Check out these simple corrections here:

By correcting these simple body positions, you can have a great impact on your overall healthy. Furthermore, staying conscious of your physical body has an incredible result for your mind!

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Sam Negrin is an avid yogi (and RYT) in Los Angeles. She is also the Editorial Manager of LEAFtv – a fresh, easy to consume, how-to concept covering all things living, eating and fashion and the founder of All Good Health – a website dedicated to living your healthiest, happiest life.


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