6 Ways To Stop Letting Life’s Pressures Consume You

Do you get tired of having to deal with the seemingly endless pressures going in in your life?

You’re overworked, undervalued, under compensated, stressed to the max, too many bills, you don’t even like your job, and you’re doing it all because??

So that you can live a good life?

So you can just get by?

Being overworked can actually lead to heart attack and stroke, also known as karoshi (death by work) in Japan.

Stress is linked to numerous medical conditions. That doesn’t sound too good.

To provide for your family?

Sure, you may be providing the things that one needs in life, but at what cost?

So you can feel secure? So you feel safe and comfortable?

What about the need for relief?

What about the health problems caused by the pressure of living a lifestyle you can no longer stomach? What about the chance at becoming, I don’t know, happy for a change?

If you’re someone who wants out of the deadly headlock, life’s pressures have got you in–you need some relief. Allow me to offer you a few suggestions.

1.) Be Still

And stop thinking so much. Too much thinking can lead to a depletion of glucose in your brain, which is the brains main power source. Once your glucose drains, it becomes much harder to concentrate and remember.

Quit over analyzing every situation, theory, result, experience in your life and just be present once in awhile.

Dr. Herbert Benson’s relaxation response method suggests that repeating the same word over and over again will help shut down your thought process to stop your mind from wandering and help you become more present. The relaxation response method triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to help you relax.

Practice being still and present for at least 15-20 minutes a day to help lower your stress levels, blood pressure, and other bodily pressures causing you harm.

2.) Get Emotional

On the other side of end of the spectrum, you can do the complete opposite of become calm and still, and end up being present nonetheless.

Those times when everything going on in your life is just spinning your head in circles, you might just as well let it out.

Releasing what is built up inside of you has been known to be an effective therapy for some people. Either that or maybe you got a shot of becoming the next Charlie Baileygates (schizophrenic cop from Me, Myself, and Irene) if you hold it all in.

A good way to “let it all out” is to find a nice quiet area where no one can see or hear you and ball your eyes out like you never had before. Embrace the feelings that your lizard brain is holding back.

It’s ok to cry and truly does have a “soul cleansing” type of benefit. That and it’ll help you clear your mind and focus on the most important things in your life.

You could also go the whole rage route, destroy some stuff, maybe hurt yourself or someone else, and ultimately end up wheeping at the end of it anyway. Either way works. Maybe try not to do anything too rash.

3.) Get Real

“To be yourself is all that you can do”-Audioslave

Don’t be like that other guy or gal that tries to be someone they’re not. Find and be who you are. Start living authentically and honestly. Have the common decency to stick up for what you believe in.

Being real in a world where fake is at every corner is like gold. Live with a sense of purpose and connection–and for the love of all greatness, stop worrying about what others think of you so much.

4.) Create Something Epic

Create something that comes from within you. Let your soul speak and your creativeness flow into something physical. Create something that can be shared. Something that can be appreciated. Something that can be ridiculed. Doesn’t matter. Just create.

I don’t believe there is any better therapeutic tool for depressurizing, than working on something that comes from within. Besides, being a creator of something you’re proud of is a great feeling. That should help take your mind off of things for awhile.

5.) Modify

Clearly, if you’re staggering the line between a ticking time bomb and a pit of doom–it could be an indication you may want to switch things up a little bit. Just sayin.

What’s the point of following the same routine that is causing you so much of your lifeline?

Write down a list of the following in approximate hours (per day)

  • Time spent watching tv or Browsing the World Wide Web

  • Time spent thinking about doing work you hate

  • Hours you spend doing work you hate

Next, write down the following;

  • Time spent enjoying anothers company (spouse, children, friends, etc.)

  • Time spent doing work you enjoy

  • Time spent taking action on doing work you enjoy

  • Time you spent contributing to something that matters

Now add up the estimated hours from each list. If the first list number is greater than the second, you need to start doing what you can to sway the odds in the other direction.

This will increase your overall well being and lower the negative pressures hold on you. Doesn’t hurt either that doing work you love is scientifically proven to increase your life expectancy, does it?

6.) Simplify

Easier said than done sometimes I know, but simply simplifying things can take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Remember that you’re alive. Take heed in knowing what that means, but also don’t feel like it’s a rush. You can live deliberately and not be overwhelmed.

Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride. We often make things 10x as more difficult than they really are. So, take a step back, slow things down, and simply move forward–one foot in front of the other.

Justin Harmon helps people escape from the status quo and live a life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose. To find out more, visit Justin at Unplugged Recreated and find out how you too can follow your dreams. Or if you’d like, you can find Justin on Google+


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