6 Reasons Why Failure Is As Equally Important As Success

6 Reasons Why Failure Is As Equally Important As Success

All of us dream of success and of reaching great heights. But have any of us dreamt of failure? Or how failure shapes us in a way to achieve success? A majority of us would answer with a “NO”. No one in their right minds would want to fail. It is something that none of us is equipped to deal with although it is an inevitable part of life. The problem lies in how most people feel unworthy after they don’t succeed.

At some point in life, all of us have failed. It could be something as simple as not getting through a driving licence test or something as big as losing in an international competition. It is very easy to give up when things don’t work out. But if everything was easy to achieve in life, we would fail to notice its importance. Failure doesn’t mean that you haven’t worked hard; it simply means that you need to take another approach to achieve what you want. Let’s have a look at why failure is good in achieving success:

#1: Failure Strengthens You

Failure can tear you down but it also builds you to be a stronger person. If you read the stories of all the great personalities we look up to, they all reached where they are because of failure. Names like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Albert Einstein are amongst the most successful people even today and even they had to battle great failures. If you have been knocked to the ground by failure, get back on your feet and push harder to show that nothing can break you down.

#2: Failure Gives You a Sense of Direction

Most of us keep second guessing all the decisions that we take. It’s not wrong, it happens because we don’t realize if the decisions we take are right for the moment. Failure gives you a path for redirection. You get a sense of clarity on everywhere you have gone wrong and how to take a better path to reach where you want to be.

#3: Failure Teaches You Value

Our values keep changing over time. With every small or big change in our lives, our values are reshaped. Value is one of the greatest lessons that failure could teach us in our lives. While success could easily get to our heads, failure keeps us grounded. Failure teaches us to value all the right things in order to succeed.

#4: Failure Gets Rid Of Fear

Somehow most of the things that we fear in our lives are interlinked with failure. It is the fear of failing that holds us back from exploring our options and getting out of our comfort zones. Once you are accustomed to failing you have nothing left to fear anymore. You become unafraid to take risks and get out of your comfort zone to achieve everything you want.

#5: Failure is an Opportunity

Instead of focusing on the negative things that come with failure, focus your energy on all the positives. It teaches you to be resilient and face all odds. Achieving success after failures shows you how mentally strong and capable you are. Failure shows us everywhere we might have gone wrong and gives us the opportunity to correct it. You become a confident and a compassionate person overall.

#6: Failure is an Experience

It’s true that everything that we go through in life is an experience and so is failure. Success is not everything. Having an understanding of life is what counts. And nothing apart from failure could give us a deeper understanding of life and alter the way we look at everything that happens around us. It changes us to be better humans and teaches us the importance of our lives.


Accept failures gracefully as a part of our lives and let it teach you to become a stronger person on your road to success. The journey from failure to success is not an easy one, but it is totally worth all your efforts. So, even if you fail often get up and look failure in the eye and never stop trying. Hiding away from failure will also keep you away from success. Brave the storm and walk the path, you will never regret it.

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