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6 Examples Of Creativity Which Blow The Mind

We will talk about creativity in this article, but before moving on to the discussion; we should start by looking at the word ‘creativity’ and ‘what it means to us’.

Creativity is the art of being ‘productive’ by using the available resources in a skillful manner. Scientifically speaking, creativity is part of our consciousness and we can be creative – if we know – ’what goes on in our mind during the process of creation’. Let us now look at 6 examples of creativity which blows the mind.

1. Understanding Content

Our first example is: ‘Understanding Content’, meaning the process of understanding the content in any form: Books, Videos, or Events.

To further understand this phenomenon, let me explain ‘how our brain works’ – “When we watch a live event or a video, our brain records the information like a machine would; after several days, if another event of the same kind occurs – a déjà vu effect is created, and we feel the same sensation that was created, when we experienced the event for the very first time”!

Remember the first time, you saw an epic movie such as ‘Titanic’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and the way you narrated the movie to your friends; Wasn’t it a great feeling! Yes, that feeling was the beginning of your creative side!

2. Are dreams real?

Did you ever wonder – why certain events or anecdotes are repeatedly those which you see in your dreams? Simply put, those are events that have produced a lasting impact on your life. I am not saying that you should find meaning in your dreams and for that matter dreams could be completely meaningless. But the fact is ‘you can certainly think in your dream’. This has happened to all of us from time to time. We fall asleep thinking about something and we begin dreaming about the same thing. It could be a movie, a story or an event. The fact is that a particular experience has inspired us or touched us in a very special way. Hence, my second example of creativity is ‘thinking that goes on in our mind while we are asleep’.

3. Imagine the big picture

The third example of creativity is ‘Noticing the big picture’. For instance: You attended a lecture about finance and although you have understood it – you are finding it difficult to put the topic into perspective. In such a scenario, you can begin understanding the lecture you just attended by writing a PowerPoint presentation about it. You begin with writing the theoretical and elementary aspects and then you move on to more application oriented areas of the topic. As you explain the topic through a PPT presentation, several elements, if not all, start becoming obvious.

4. One thought, leads to another thought

The fourth example of creativity is ‘Noticing the fact that ‘One thought leads to another thought’. This is more like mind-mapping. Ever wondered why You Tube highlights the related or relevant videos one after another. For instance: You are watching Obama’s visit to U.K. video on You Tube, and the same page highlights Obama’s visits to other countries, regarding the same or other political agenda. This is exactly ‘how our mind works’ and hence mind-mapping is another creative technique to explore or unravel the significance and complexity of a topic.

5. Attend a writing seminar or webinar

A seminar or webinar about writing or any other subject is similar to taking up a short course or an online tutoring session about that subject. The fifth example of creativity is that: A crash course or any education (degree, diploma) is about developing a perspective and attitude which helps the candidate to face real-life problems. The candidate faces real-life challenges by sometimes applying the theory and most of the times by learning through experience. Hence the fifth phenomenon of creativity is the way we learn through experience or by application of theoretical principles.

6. Questions

Did you ever wonder – What is the purpose of asking a question? They ask questions during criminal interrogation and they ask questions to understand if the student was attentive in the class, and they ask ‘Will you marry me’? Because an affirmative answer would be the celebration of their love. This is the sixth example of creativity. If you ever find yourself stuck with a topic and you are confused about what to write and where to begin writing – Just prepare a questionnaire about that topic and look for the answers. You will be surprised to notice ‘how much you have learned about the topic already’.

Thus, I end this blog by saying – Creativity is our ability to assimilate content and this ability is a product of several memories that we’ve experienced in the past by virtue or accident. Our mind is like a country or world map. We can locate all the pieces together as long as they are connected in one way or the other. If we lose one piece, the map stops making sense.


Yohana Petrovic is a writer and educator. She has 10 years` experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic or on Twitter: @YohanaPetrovic


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