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6 Daily Questions You Don’t Want To Ask But Should . . . Especially # 6.


We make our way through life by asking questions. How, when, where, what’s next?  We ask strangers, co-workers, and loved ones. The most important questions are the ones we ask ourselves.

Why ask yourself questions?  To create awareness. It’s much easier to change something if you are aware.  Want more of something or less of something else?  Start with awareness.

When we ask ourselves questions, the answers shine a light on our lives.  They tell us what we’re doing and where we’re going.  We may not always like the answers but it’s easier to change if we’re first aware.  It’s our own form of tough love.


The best questions

You may have see on others suggest daily questions such as, “what are we grateful for, what made us laugh, who loves me.”  These are all good questions. The best questions though are the ones that make us uncomfortable or make us stretch. Not the positive, happy ones but the ones that make us think, “uh oh.”

Ask yourself important questions everyday.  Or better yet have someone else ask you the questions.  Someone to hold you accountable. Did you workout today? Did you turn off the television? Were you nice to your spouse?  Are you proud of your day?


Questions for you

You can create your own list of questions depending on what’s important in your life. As a starting place, here are questions you could ask everyday.


1) How much did I spend?

You were hoping for questions about the deep inner meaning of life?  But money? Kind of materialistic? Well, sure.  Like it or not, money is a tool we use to put a price tag on our time and values. Being aware of where your money goes is a good clue about where your priorities are.


2) Who did I help?

People who are happiest encourage others, help others, and are generous with others. It might seem counterintuitive but when we help others, we help ourselves.


3) What did I learn?

Did you learn the latest celebrity news on omg! or did you learn how to play a minor chord on the guitar?  What we learn everyday is another clue about our priorities and where we’re headed in life.


4) What can be improved?

This is a simple way to look back at your day and notice areas that could use improvement. Going to workout but didn’t? Eat healthier? Smile more? Too much time feeling sorry for yourself? You can’t go back and change anything about today but a lesson can be learned and tomorrow you’ll have a chance to make it better.


5) Did you do anything towards a breakthrough project?

Lots of what we do in life falls in the category of maintenance, status quo, or just keeping busy. We go to work, spend time with friends/family, or hobbies.

Breakthrough projects have the potential to take us to another level.  Get a passport. Buy the airline ticket.  Send an email to ask someone about being a mentor. Sign up for the language lesson.  Apply to graduate school. Ask her to marry you. Buy a house. Sell your house.

Too many days without time spent on breakthrough projects and you won’t make progress towards your dreams.


6) Is that okay?

This is a great follow-up to ask after each of the first five questions.  Suppose we spent more than normal today but the money went towards something we really value. Then that’s okay. Ate a gallon of ice cream? Probably not okay.

After you decide if it’s okay or not, then what? It’s your life and you get to live it. By asking the questions, awareness has been created about where you are and where you’re headed.

After you notice your direction, then ask yourself if that’s okay. It’s up to you.



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