5 Ways To Keep Pushing On In A Life That Seems To Be Against You

I don’t really know what to write right now. I’m still in kind of in a state of shock just thinking about it.

It’s currently Lunar New Year right where I am at, and as usual, my girlfriend flew down to celebrate with the holiday with me and my family.

And guess what? She suffered an allergic reaction from eating certain foods, not once, but twice in just a week. The first time was so bad that she had breathing difficulties and hives broke out all over her skin. I had to rush her to a clinic at night so that she could get a jab.

We thought the worst was over. Seriously, I actually feared for her life as I saw her looking so miserable at the clinic. We even had to queue.

Then it happened again a few days later. But it wasn’t as bad as the medication she got helped alleviate it. It was nonetheless a huge scare as we could see the start of the symptoms.

My heart both jumped and sank.

When life doesn’t let up on you

It may be easy to think that my girlfriend and I were put to the test, as if we had to keep enduring difficult situations.

It may be easy to think we were plain unlucky.

It may have been easy for us to also think that life was unfair.

But nah. We didn’t think that. Why? Because it’s too easy. The way I see it, if I want to keep pushing on in life and be happy, I shouldn’t give in and take the easy way out.

Life can be a lot of things and unfortunately, some of us are dealt a shorter hand.

Here’s how you can keep pushing on:

1) Screw luck

I personally don’t believe in luck. I don’t think it even exists. I definitely did not think the whole episode with my girlfriend was because of bad luck.

I think everybody has their own set of challenges. Even if someone seems like he or she has it easy, they still have their own challenges. You just don’t see them.

So drop the whole idea of luck. Being happy because of supposed “good luck” means you’re dismissing your own capabilities. Being sad because of “bad luck” means you’re making yourself powerless.

Don’t even think about luck. Do what you love. Don’t cower down from challenges. Keep growing and looking forward in life. See how everything is under your control?

2) Remember that you’ll grow stronger

You know how they say, “Everything happens for a reason”?

Let’s change that to, “Everything happens to make you stronger. Period”.

Everything at any point in your life. It will help you grow and become stronger. Make this positive switch instead of over thinking your situation. That may just dull you out or even lower our confidence.

Just remember you’re always getting better in this game called life.

3) It gets better and that’s a guarantee

It is a guarantee. As mentioned, over thinking the situation may overcomplicate your life and even psyche yourself out.

And yes, I know it can be pretty demoralizing to keep pushing on when things don’t seem to be looking up at all, but in order for this guarantee to work, you have to keep moving ahead.

So don’t despair and think that life sucks or that you’re doomed to live a harsh life. Things will get better as long as you put your mind to it.

4) You’re not alone

Because there’re a ton of people out there who has suffered the same, or worse.

So take comfort in this. You are not alone, even though I know it feels like you are. There’re decent folks out there who’re willing to help for the sake of helping.

Now, take a step further and actively reach out to others who you think can help you. Don’t cower from the world in your own little corner. Get out there and ask for help. It’s okay to do so.

I’ve personally told my story to a number of friends and some of them were quick to tell me it happened to them before too. They also gave me some advice.

5) Inspire others with your story

There’s really no better cure for your pain than to simply help others with your story.

The minute you aim to help others, you’re centering your life around someone else’s by putting their needs above yours.

There’s no further explanation needed for this. If you help others, it’s a positive thing and that is that. Nothing but positivity can come out of it. If there was one “instant” solution to a tough life, it would be this.

So go forth and help others. It’ll make your life meaningful as you both express yourself and add positivity in others.

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