5 Ways To Feel More Spiritually Connected

I’m a spiritual medium; I communicate important messages and insights from the dead to the living, and the way I do this is by going inward and connecting with my spirit within that serves as a bridge to the wisdom of Other Side.

While I’ve spent more time than most (it is my job, after all) strengthening my Spirit connection, what I’ve come to understand after communicating with enlightened spiritual beings for over a decade now is that I’m no different from you. We’re all connected to the same source of spiritual energy; it’s just that you’ve likely forgotten that you were ever plugged in! Take heart—a form of spiritual amnesia happens to most everyone. By taking the time to jog your memory and re-charge your batteries, so to speak, you can expect a level of clarity and conviction return to your day-to-day life. Also, your overall energy will likely experience a positive jolt that shifts and lifts your life experience in ways you cannot imagine.

We’re all wired differently, so the act of “connecting” may look very different for you than it does for me. The key is to determine what activities help you to become still, quiet your thinking mind and tune into your spirit within. Try any of the daily activities below to strengthen a spiritual connection and then make them part of your daily or weekly routine.

Music. The everyday world we live in is energetically dense and slow, whereas the unseen Spirit world vibrates at a very high frequency—similar to music. It’s no wonder that some music can actually lift our spirits and put us in a clear and insightful state of mind. Ever notice how a certain song can brighten your mood, spark an idea or suddenly provide the answer to a question that’s been nagging you? Play different types of music to clear your mind and strengthen your spiritual connection.

Yoga. Our bodies act like sponges that absorb all energy, light and dense. When our bodies absorb too much of the heavy stuff, we feel weighed down, irritable and less and less spiritually connected. Yoga is an effective way to determine where in our bodies we’ve become physically tense, emotionally stressed and spiritually clogged. Try striking a pose to wring out your sponge.

Nature. Spirits confirm that the positive energy we soak up while spending time outdoors is one of the most effective ways to clear out the negative stuff and re-charge a spiritual connection. Get out of the house—hike, bike, or simply enjoy a meal outdoors to awaken your spirit within.

Art. Creative activities often spark spiritual insight and clarity.  It’s one of the ways that spiritual beings and our deceased loved ones communicate to and through us. Drawing, painting, sculpting, journaling, or any creative activity that gets you out of your head and into an open state of mind helps to strengthen a spiritual connection.

Bedtime meditation.  Use bedtime as an opportunity to re-charge a spiritual connection. As you drift off for a night of sleep, listen to a guided visualization meditation where you’re encouraged to release anything from the day that feels energetically heavy or off, and then invite insight, clarity and fulfillment into your day ahead. Take your meditation one step further by asking your deceased loved ones to meet you in your dreams and comfort and guide you gently through the night.

Rebecca Rosen (http://rebeccarosen.com/) is a nationally recognized spiritual medium. She is the author of new prescriptive spirituality book, Awaken the Spirit Within (Crown.) Rebecca has been featured on several national television programs (Dr. Phil, Nightline, Rachel Ray, Rosie and more) and it is her goal to bring people peace and teach them how to live more spiritually fulfilling and happier lives.  She offers real action-based tips for people who are struggling to spiritually “wake up.”

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