5 Things You Must Consider Before You Actually Start Living

In November 2011, a local farmer reported seeing a spider monkey in a Colombian park.

Scientists couldn’t believe it, because they thought that the species was locally extinct.

However, they organized a short expedition to explore this matter and it was a shocking moment when they could see fewer than 30 spider monkeys exist per 1 square kilometer of the park.

Despite the potentially false news, scientists were still curious to explore and that’s what made all the difference.

This passion for exploration teaches us a very important lesson on how to get started in our passionate living quest.


After finding their purpose, the most common question I receive from my life purpose coaching clients is, “How Do I Get Started?”

Unfortunately, this question leaves many people defeated, before they even get started.


Because usually, people get very disappointed when they can’t find an easy instant way to flip their life overnight and start making a living doing what they love.

In addition, they know very little about their field of passion that the can’t see beyond a very limited number of possibilities through which their passion can put food on the table.

One of my clients was so passionate about mathematics. But, he believed that the only way mathematics could be profitable is through becoming a university professor. This was not financially satisfying for him – a thing that could leave him defeated.

So, I did a quick exploration in the field of mathematics and discovered something very interesting.

When I told him about Arthur Benjamin, the mathemagician, he had a breakthrough and a new hope to live his passion!

He could see a role model who creatively integrates mathematics with magic and performs highly entertaining live shows. That for my client was a totally new and a very rare possibility to make a fortune from something he was truly passionate about.

When you take your time to explore your field, you too can find a unique possibility to make a fortune doing what you love. Exactly like the scientists who couldn’t believe in the existence of spider monkeys in the Colombian park, but with further exploration they could find the near-extinct species.

That’s why my answer to the “How Do I Get Started?” question always comes in one word, “EXPLORE!”

Here are 5 things you must put into consideration while you’re exploring your field:

1. Before blindly setting unrealistic goals and plans, you must first take your time to extensively explore your field. Read at least 5 books, follow the footsteps of role models in your field, and connect with people who share the same passion with you.

2. Give yourself enough time to learn and make mistakes on a small scale, so that you can confidently advance to higher levels.

3. Do your homework and research your field well enough, so that you can find creative ways to connect your passion to a profitable path and manifest your dreams.

4. Be patient. You need to realize that it is a journey of joyful transformation, not a flip of a coin. That’s why practicing patience is key at your early stage of passionate living. A passion-driven life is built slowly – one step at a time.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every artist was first an amateur” It takes time to grow from being an amateur to being an artist in your field.

5. Don’t think of how long the journey will be. Instead, think of how joyful it is to spend every second of your life knowing that you’re moving in the right direction, doing something meaningful, and living your dream.


If you followed this advice, you’ll grow on a solid foundation, become an artist in your field and develop essential business skills in small manageable chunks. This means more confidence and less risk in pursuing your passion.

If exploration helped you find your breakthrough, please share your experience in the comments section below.


Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and the creator of “The P.A.S. Technique: The World’s Easiest Way To Find Your Passion and Purpose In Life”. If you want to set your heart & soul free from the prison of the paycheck and discover how to proudly follow your passion, give a visit to his Transformational Motivation blog now.


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