5 Things To Do Before You Decide Something

Like it or not, you cannot prevent dilemmas from coming. They are always in your head. Who to recruit for this project? Which target to chase? Which training is best? When to jump to property investment? Where to go in this long week-end? And so on. It’s very normal, even when you are living in a remote area. You are facing so many options out there, which are waiting for you to choose, usually within specific time limit. This is not an easy part of life. There is always a risk know whether your decision would lead you to a better or worst situation.

However, there are things to do before in order to minimize the risk of getting the wrong decision. That’s what I want to share here, my friends. Next time you encounter your dilemma, I suggest you to:

1. Figure out the pros and cons

Measure each option by looking at the advantages and disadvantages. Check your assumptions. Be skeptical. Is it really useful to build entertainment room in your office? Will the employees be happy? Or will they be more unproductive because of that distraction? Will they be more loyal to your company? Will they be more willing to do some overtime works? Or will you only have to pay the electricity higher? Use your left brain to analyze.

2. Zoom in, zoom out

You have to collect and dig more information as deep as you can, then get it as wide as you can. Ask the 5W + 1H. What is your problem? Who are the stakeholders? When did this happen? Where will this lead? Why do you stuck in such situation? How to get out? Then, zoom out to get objective view. I give you an example why zoom out is important as well. One day, you see your idol in the same restaurant where you take a lunch. What would you do? Come close and say hi? You may think twice, because you feel impolite and it could annoy her. Ok stop, let’s switch now. What if it is your pal who meets his idol and you are right next to him. I’m pretty sure you would easily say, “Come on, don’t be a chicken! Go there and make a conversation with her.” Wouldn’t you? See, wider view makes different decision. So, always think as you are not you.

3. Search other paths

If the question is “go to the party to please your sweetheart” or “keep working in the office to get jobs done”, maybe it is hard for you choose which one. Why don’t you go to the party for a while, and soon after that you get back to the office? Or else, why don’t you finish your work as fast as possible and come to the party although it would be little bit too late? Avoid see things in black and white, dear friends. The suited solutions are often in gray scale.

4. Find someone who have solved the dilemma

Let’s say you don’t feel comfortable in the office because your boss and everybody else seem to underestimate your leadership. You are floating between stay to work with them or find another workplace. How do you come to a decision? Just ask your friends who has been there. Or if you don’t have any friend with the same bad experience, you don’t have to worry. This is Internet era, everything is easier now. You can even ask to someone whom you never met before through Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Or you can simply browse in search engines about your problem. You’ll get a lot of feedbacks from it.

5. Finally, you could be wrong, so what?

Now that you have decided, it’s time to get confidence. There are no guarantees about your decision. Never will. All you have to do is write down your A-B plan. If your choice is correct, what will you do in a year or two? If your decision is wrong, what will you do in a year or two? Usually, what will happen is between the extremely wrong and the extremely right. But the important thing is to get prepared for the worst, without expecting it to happen.

That’s all. I hope these tips will help you to make a decision a lot easier. Try it. Make your decision now, and get ready to face the consequence: good or bad. It may take you to a place of promise, or throw you up to a land of problems. Don’t regret whatever the outcome will be. Instead, learn from it to make a better decision in the future.

My name is Ramunsyah Utama and I am a Financial Planner for an insurance company in Jakarta, Indonesia. I can help you achieve your dream in life.

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