5 Steps to Taking the Leap of Faith

You’re on the edge. That’s where your comfort zone ends.

You’re scared. You aren’t sure what to do next.

“Should I do it?” is constantly on your mind. Your heart is pounding. Your thoughts are going haywire.

You can’t even see what is ahead of you. It’s completely dark.

What do you do next, really?

You take the leap of faith.

How do you do it though? There’re so many nuances involved. It gets complicated especially when the scary emotions set in.

And yup, way too many people keep talking about taking the leap of faith. But few actually take action and just do it.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Recognize the scary feelings and embrace them

When you feel scared and uncertain, it is not the time to cower down and go backwards.

The scary feelings are signs that you’re actually in the right direction. Heck, it’s only natural to feel scared and uncomfortable! Why do you think they call it getting out of your comfort zone?

Embrace the scary feelings. Embrace the fear. Embrace the uncertainty.

These are nothing but new challenges in life and it’s time for you to rise up!

2.   Stop weighing the pros and cons altogether

Most people would think something like, “My heart says one thing, but my head says another.”

They take it as a form of safety measure for you to make careful decisions.

But think about it… the head worries about EVERYTHING.

Sure, most people go at it this way, but most people are not successful or fulfilling their dreams in life. Most people are simply normal.

The few winners in life are not normal. They don’t think that much. They simply just follow their heart and do it.

So stop with the pros and cons. Think a little, and then go back to your heart and feel what you feel, for your heart always knows the right answer.

3.   Remember that nobody can predict the future

When it comes to confidence in taking the leap, people always think that they need to know everything or establish a certain expectation before they can move forward.

But that’d actually hold you back.

This is life. Things will never go as planned. Things will go wrong. Guaranteed.

Being confident enough to break through your fears isn’t about being reassured that you’d get what you want.

You get confident simply by doing, taking action and gaining experience.

And it all starts with simply taking the leap of faith.

So stop overthinking or over analyzing the outcome. It rarely ever happens the way you want it.

4.   Just take it already

This is where you simply do it.

It will be extremely counter-intuitive. It wouldn’t even make sense either, but it’s where you have to take action and simply do it.

So no more talk. Just do it.  Tell yourself to do it no matter what.

You stop what you’re doing. Breath. Relax. Meditate a little. Sleep on it.

Then jump.

5.    You do it over and over

Guess what? You don’t just take the leap of faith once.

You repeat it and do it over and over, for life has many obstacles.

This is where you pick yourself up after you’ve failed, or fallen once. This is where you encounter a hurdle and have no idea how to continue on.

But you just keep going forward anyway. You keep trying your best and keep learning along the way.

So don’t get complacent. The leap of faith isn’t to be carried out once only. Keep pushing yourself and keep challenging yourself.

That’s how you really grow, fulfill your dream and be happy.

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