5 Sleep Deprivation Signs and Cures

Time after time, we face difficulties waking up fresh, mostly because we had difficult sleeping the night before. When was the last time you actually had a good night’s rest? When you woke up feeling fulfilled, fresh and eager to start your day? When you had enough energy to score big at that business presentation while managing your children’s high school meetings? Can’t remember, can you? It’s because you probably haven’t. We’re all more or less the victims of sleep deprivation, which comes as a byproduct to the fast progressive ways of the present era.

Find that hard to believe? It’s okay to be in denial … happens to us all. I remember when I used to sleep late and felt my body breaking away on its own, literally every other day. My body desired sleep so badly that I was pushed down into a cycle of sleep paralysis for quite sometime. How did I regain momentum and get better? I understood the signs and accepted I needed to change my lifestyle a bit.

Click here; if you suffer from insomnia and need help with it. Check out the following signs and see if you suffer from any them. And if you do, then be sure to benefit from the remedies that are suggested after it.


1. Constant Hunger:

An overworked brain needs sleep to function ably as an engine needs oil to run smoothly. If it doesn’t get enough sleep, then the brain redirects the energy source from ‘rest’ to ‘food’, increasing the level of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and making you go on a binge-eating drive. So, if you feel hungrier, it means you’re not getting quality sleep. Moreover, remember when your physician asked you if you’re sleeping on time because you gained those pounds? This is the very reason. Half the people who have an unhealthy sleep cycle end up getting over-weight.

2. Affected Memory:

Do you find yourself climbing the whole flight of stairs to go the storeroom and then forgetting why you came there in the first place? Or do you keep forgetting where you put the car keys? If yes, then you’ve been going through minute memory lapses, which result from your brain not being able to maintain the nervous system in a fully functional way. Other similar signs are the loss of focus, the inability to make a conscious decision and in extreme cases, daylight delusions. Sleep is essential, after all.

3. Over-Emotional(ity):

Sleep helps you maintain composure and balance the different emotional levels. If you’ve been feeling out of balance these days and overreacting to the slightest of situations, then it signifies that you’re not getting enough sleep. Your reason suffers from this too, which proves to be highly disadvantageous in a workplace, when your productivity goes on all low.

4. Physical Illnesses:

What happens to a car that keeps on running without any break? It breaks down, that’s what. Similarly, if you’re sleep deprived, you become more prone to getting ill. Your immune system weakens and can’t fend off threats in an effective way, making you vulnerable to diseases. Sleep deprivation even shows on your face too, in the form of fatigues eye muscles and a sallowness of the skin. Some people even start hallucinating if their sleep cycle is highly disturbed.

5. Micro-Sessions:

This is one of the most dangerous of all signs, which could even result in your death. How? Well, suppose you’re driving a car in the broad daylight and your eyes start getting heavy. You fend off the onrush of sleep the best you can. But then, unknowingly, you drift off into a micro-sleep session, the staring wheel goes out of control and there’s an accident. Instant death. Due to sleep deprivation. Just imagine the severity of the loss.


  • The perfect mattress matters — a lot. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll have difficulty drifting off to sleep at night. So, go ahead and select the mattress that suits you the best.
  • Create an ambiance with soft music and calming visual scenes, downloaded over a reliable internet connection.
  • Don’t stuff your tummy with a heavy meal, especially before going to bed.
  • Warm showers and warm milk are your friends.
  • If reading a book helps, go for it.
  • Do not physically exert your body before bed, as a pumped-up metabolism will make it difficult for you to sleep away.
  • Try to refrain from napping after 3 pm.
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol before going to bed.

Moreover, learn the art of mindfulness and meditate at least for an hour everyday. A self-peace session, on daily basis, is essential for your health. Will you do a quick exercise by seeing where you stand on this? Focus on the numbers below and just until then – don’t think … about anything.











If you succeeded then awesome – you know how to control your thinking. You can switch it on and off on your own will, however, for many it is difficult to do so. Therefore, practice to shun away any negative thoughts that might disrupt your mental peace.


In the end, just remember to put any sort of thing that stresses you out … on permanent hold, especially before bed. Whether you feel bad about dieting, a person, a television season or a book that you’re reading – whatever doesn’t bring you happiness isn’t meant for you. You want to work on it and go on – good – you should! However, before winning any battle just make sure you are in the position to do so – and it all starts with a good night’s sleep!


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