5 Reasons Why You Should Tell The Truth

“We can only control people if we tell half-truth; if we shade what’s true, but if we tell the total truth, then our inside in on the outside. There is nothing hidden inside. For most human beings, to have their inside exposed on the outside brings up incredible fear.” – Adyashanti

Was Pinocchio your favorite character when you were young? Then, you might find this article useful.

Telling the truth is never easy but, truth as incredible power in itself and is a necessary component for a fulfilling life. It is not only beneficial for the person who is telling the truth, but also for the person who is told the truth.

Let’s be honest, most of the time, we slightly distort the truth in order to “manipulate” people around us, aren’t we? Why are we doing that? Because when we tell the truth we give up all power to control people around us.

If I tell you a painful but necessary truth, I take the risk that you resent me, or worse, reject me, and that is very scary. If I tell the truth about myself you may very well not like me.

Now, let me share with your 5 reasons why you should tell the truth

1) Telling the truth empowers people around you to change and grow

No change is impossible without knowing the truth. I cannot change something in myself if I’m not aware that it is there and that it needs to be changed. How can people around you change if they are not told the truth?

However, instead of telling the truth we often hide it because we don’t want to upset others. Deep down we don’t want to be rejected and we are scared of letting go of any control we have over people. We refuse to give people the freedom to reject us or to get angry at us and want to control them. Because of that we prevent them from growing.

2) Telling the truth brings you peace of mind

Being true with who you are, allows you to maintain a high level of integrity and brings you peace of mind. You know that you are living a life that is in line with your deeper values. Your life is guided by your values, and thus, your decisions are based on truth. You can look at yourself in the mirror with a sense of pride, sleep well at night and fully express your true self to others. By being true to yourself, it becomes easier for you to be true to others. As a result, you become a better friend, partner, parent or colleague.

Is your life based on truth? Is it reflecting your core values?

3) Telling the truth is a sign of love

Real love goes beyond lies and desire to control others. Attempting to control people around us is a selfish behavior derived from a feeling of fear and insecurity. When we really care about our friends or family, we must be ready to tell them what they don’t want to hear.

Acquaintances tell you what you want to hear, but real friends will tell you what you don’t want to hear. Lack of truth will lead to the decay of any relationship. It will be a waste of time for both partners. For instance, if one partner wants to break up but is afraid to tell the truth, it will be a waste of time for both partners and will create more pain in the end.

Is there any area in your life where telling the truth could help people who you care about improve their life?

4) Telling the truth earns respect

Being able to tell the truth will earn your respect because telling the truths shows you really care for others. A lack of truth shows a lack of consideration for people you are interacting with. You are not willing to help them grow and prefer to stay in your comfort zone by hiding the truth. You believe yourself to be someone nice while in fact you simply haven’t the courage to hurt other people’s feeling even when they ask for your sincere feedback.

However, when others perceived you as someone who is consistently telling the truth, they will seek your advice and listen to you. They will respect you for that.

Don’t you want to earn other people’s respect?

5) Telling the truth creates deeper connections

Accepting to tell the truth to people means that you are willing to fully express your feelings no matter how scary it is. It clearly shows a high level of trust and encourages your family, your friends, your partner or other people you are interacting with to open their heart too. By accepting to appear vulnerable you appear more trustworthy.

I have a friend who told me once that he was surprised to see how quickly people were opening up to him. The reason they were sharing intimate stories with him is simple because he was himself sharing a lot about his own life.

How much of yourself are you sharing with others? Are you hiding your weaknesses or do you allow yourself to appear vulnerable?

In conclusion

Truth is power. Learn to use it and start bringing more integrity in your life. Remember that truth might often be painful to hear, and learn to deliver it in a way that won’t lead other people to get defensive. Truth that comes from a place of love and consideration will be appreciated.

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22 Responses to 5 Reasons Why You Should Tell The Truth

  1. thracius says:

    “learn to deliver it in a way that won’t lead other people to get defensive”

    I don’t understand why this should be an issue, everyone should embrace the truth and not “get defensive” in front of it, I always appreciate when people throw the truth in my face and don’t remember ever getting defensive

  2. Ale says:

    Oml so true amazing

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Cole says:

    This is a lie

  5. Adam says:

    If you feel doubtful about this, give it week or even month. Make from this a 1 week/month challenge and you will see that all of the points mentioned above make sense. Give it a try before you say that it is a lie or something similar. It might have same short term disadvantages. But, in the long run, your brain will thank you for it. “Tell the truth, or at least, don’t lie (Chapter from book: 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson.)”

  6. Sandra Navarro says:

    This is true and I can truly attest to this. My life has been shattered by lies and things left unsaid. No one has the right to feed you lies and make you a part of something you were never given that right or respect to choose if that’s what you wanted to be a part of. Now I’m left with the only choice I have to pick up the pieces that left my heart broken and put it back together again although it will never be the same.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I always advise you to tell people truth because when you will tell truth in your life you will feel comfort and will grow up
    to say on truth. alse plasea dont lie to children. Try to tell children truth as much as possible.

  8. I don’t ever believe that We should tell the truth all the times because sometimes it happens that we’re facing unbelievable and unexplainable situations , I mean Situations which can’t be explained and shared with other people. So whenever someone asks u about them, U just choose to lie to them cause u can’t explain anything…

  9. ava says:

    I’m glad I found this it makes me want to tell the truth

  10. ava says:

    it makes me feel happy

  11. hcase says:


  12. lilly says:

    why do people lie? it just gets you in more truble

  13. Liza Julao says:

    When they lie to you, they are insulting your intelligence. They need to have good memories to cover up their lies. You will catch them when they contradicted themselves. I watch what they do, I don’t listen to what they say. It is a waste of time to entertain their lies. I am selective as to who I spend my time with.

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