Why Having Persistence Pays Off

5 Reasons Why Having Persistence Pays Off

I don’t know if you’re a persistent person, but this is something you simply can’t ignore. Persistence is the foundation of taking anything you can imagine, and then creating it in your life exactly as you planned.

It may not turn out how you want it to the first time, but when you add persistence to the equation it will only be so many attempts before you achieve perfection.

Think of persistence as a sketch you’re drawing. The first time it’ll be rough, not quite how you want it to be, and then you grab the eraser and re-do the bad portions, smoothing out the lines. Some people are unhappy with the rough design and they think they’ll never be able to get it how they want it. So they quit.

Here are 5 reasons why having persistence pays off.

1) Most Successful People Have Failed at Least Once

Success isn’t a first time type of deal. Many people, if not most people, will fail at least once before they become successful. A lot of those failures are caused by the simple concept of learning as you go.

They may have realized that the idea they had for a business just wasn’t quite there, or they realize that the effort they were putting into their goals was not efficient enough. The failure causes them to learn and grow, therefore becoming better for the next time they try again.

If people were to be discouraged by their first failures in life, they’d struggle to achieve success, simply because they wouldn’t be growing enough in order to achieve the knowledge needed.


2) People Like To Test You on Persistence

Persistence is often something that people will test you on in life. It’s definitely a quality that people like to see in people, depending on what the situation is.

You’ll experience this multiple times within your life when you apply for jobs, ask people for advice, talk to the opposite sex, and generally negotiate with people on most levels.

I recently have been given the opportunity to get to know someone pretty wonderful, and they actually commented on my persistence. If I had just spoken to them a couple of times and then flaked on communication, I don’t think the outcome would have been the same.

Instead, I chose to be persistent (on a normal level, not a crazy one), and It made me come across as more serious. The same goes for any other situation. If you are persistent, people will think you’re more enthusiastic and are far more likely to take you seriously.


3) What Comes Easily Normally Isn’t Worth It

Normally if something’s hard, it’ll be worth the effort, whereas anything easy probably only gives you a short little burst of happiness. Most people absolutely hate hard work, yet there are those who just get on with it because they understand what this hard work’s worth.

The hard to get things are what most people will just dream about, whilst they continue to carry out every easy task that comes their way. The minority of people will commit to the hard work and have a much much greater chance of achieving their dreams.

What’s easy doesn’t require persistence. What’s hard does.


4) Knowledge Isn’t Gained Without Persistence

Learn is a constant process. If you’re persistent with wanting to learn and grow as an individual, then you will, it’s as simple as that. Some people learn more quickly than others, but the fact remains that more you study, the more knowledge you take in.

Essentially, if you’re serious about mastering your knowledge in a particular subject, persistence is always needed to ensure that you do.


5) The More You Do Something, the Better You Get At It

This is a pretty similar point to the above, except I’m not just talking about knowledge this time. Much like the sketching concept I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the more you practice something, the better you become at it.

You may not be very good at drawing, so the first time it comes out roughly. However, you can see areas where you’ve gone wrong, and correct them on your next try. Then you’re able to pick out more errors and as you repeat the process, the drawing becomes stronger every time.


In conclusion, persistence is an important part of life. It’s separates the complete from the incomplete, the wise from the unwise, and just to recap, here are the 5 reasons why having persistence pays off:

  1. Most success people have failed at least once
  2. People like to test you on persistence
  3. What comes easily normally isn’t worth it
  4. Knowledge isn’t gained without persistence
  5. The more you do something, the better you get at it


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