The 5 Popular Habits of Happy and Successful People

Does your life flow effortlessly, or do you find yourself in an overwhelming mess thinking “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” on a daily basis?

Is your happiness and fulfillment a constant, or does it appear to wax and wane like the phases of the moon?

How many of these habits do you share in common with people who are instead experiencing both happiness and success on a daily basis?

5. They Utilize Time Management

You can only do so many things in a 24 hour period (including sleep!), so it’s infinitely important to prioritize your activities so you can achieve the results you’re after.

Successful people intuitively understand and appreciate the value of their time, as well as the time of others.

If your goal is to lose weight or get yourself in shape – yet you place a higher priority on updating your Facebook status, or playing one more round of Call of Duty – not much is going to change for you.

However, if you’re able to manage your time and create a “space” to workout on a daily basis, then your routine is virtually unaffected, and you can still do everything else that you’d be doing anyway.

This is the subtle power of time management; it’s not about sacrificing, but optimizing.

Most people waste so much time, they’d probably be amazed at how much they could actually get done in a single day. That is, if they didn’t allow themselves to turn on the TV for a few, or just check their Facebook or email one more time before heading out…

4. They Prioritize Their Health

Successful people understand how artificial fillers and other ingredients affect their overall health in the longterm, and strive to make intelligent, healthy choices in regards to what their body is digesting/processing.

There’s no getting around it; low quality food actually temporarily lowers your consciousness. Things like MSG and partially hydrogenated oils are fillers used to add flavor and texture (and a long shelf life), but are absolutely disastrous to just about every fiber of your body.

Heart disease and diabetes are diagnosed much more frequently than they should be, with the number one culprit almost always being poor diet and exercise.

Even if you have a hereditary disposition to such things, you can greatly minimize your risk by becoming conscious of what you’re eating. Good meals aren’t hard to prepare, and you can cook enough for an entire week all at once to save yourself time (see what I did there?)!

3. They Use Emotional Intelligence

Without conscious awareness of your emotional state, you’re at the mercy of your environment – which is highly unstable and unpredictable.

Therefore, in order to make any sort of progress, you need to establish a constant.

That constant is conscious awareness of the control you have over how you think and feel about any given thing at any given time.

When you surrender this control, you behave reactively.

It’s this very level of reactivity that allows marketers and advertisers to have such a high level of success, because reactive people can be predicted and pseudo-controlled (behaviorally). Harnessing the skill of behaving independently of your environment ups your odds of staying on track and achieving both happiness and success in the bigger picture.

2. They Prioritize Serving Others

This isn’t about having a day job in which you’re performing customer “service”.

This is about providing genuine value to people using your unique skill set – whether this is through a traditional employer or not.

Until you’re doing the work that drives you, you’re actually doing a disservice to yourself…and ultimately, the rest of humanity.

We don’t need more button pushers; we need creative, innovative people to help us get through the troubles plaguing this planet.

Each and every individual possesses a unique combination of skills, that if consciously leveraged, can be transformed into the career of their dreams. This very article is an example of an individual providing value (in the form of writing geared towards helping others help themselves) to others.

Not all forms of service involve punching a clock (who has time for that…)!

1. They Understand That Their True Power Lies in Their Choices

This is the fundamental axiom of conscious living. The power of choice precedes everything on this list, as well as all of the social, cultural, and global assumptions we all take for granted on a daily basis.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re making choices constantly.

However, choice doesn’t merely apply to chicken or fish, large or small, black or white. It spans across all dimensions and dynamics of our existence and experience. Thoughts, emotions, actions, responses; these are all choices.

Here’s the mind blowing part: you can never, EVER give away responsibility for your choices. It’s literally impossible. You’re always making choices and dealing with the consequences. You can surrender control of your choices, but NEVER your responsibility for them.

This is why becoming progressively more conscious is the secret to personal empowerment, because you become progressively more aware of how your choices directly affect your quality of life, experience, and level of fulfillment.

Your boss might choose what work you’re doing for the day, but his choice is dependent on you choosing to continue to show up for work.

Life’s a much more exciting adventure when you accept full conscious responsibility for your choices, instead of trying to hand them off to someone like your boss, spouse, or friends.

You’ll soon realize it’s the very ability to choose your next course of action that’s responsible for the level of happiness and fulfillment you experience in life. All you have to do to take that first step is remember your true power, and begin choosing consciously!

Jason Demakis is a psychology & philosophy-based personal development writer, certified personal fitness trainer, and nutritional consultant. With a focus on prioritizing conscious decision making and behavior, Jason strives to motivate and inspire others to achieve their true potential and fulfillment. You can find more of Jason’s writing via his personal website,


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