5 Keys to Successful Living

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Today I want to talk about five keys that will help you live a successful life.  These are five keys that I’ve learned over the years from studying successful people.  These lessons separate those who succeed from those who fail.

We’re all capable of greatness; however, we’re all not willing to reach for it.  This article contains some of the keys that will help you reach for greatness.  If you follow these keys, I believe your life will begin to change.

5 Keys to Successful Living:


1. Discover why you were created

Everything created solves a problem, my eyes see, my ears hear, my nose smells.  Doctors solve medical problems, lawyers solve legal problems, mothers solve emotional problems.  You were created to solve a problem, and your success in life is dependent on your ability to find that problem and solve it.

You see, you will only be rewarded in this life for the problems that you solve for other people, so it’s imperative that you find the problem you solve best, and solve it.

2. Commit to be a Success

Success begins with a decision!  Success does not start when you buy your first Rolls Royce, or your first BMW.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal!  Success is being all that “you” are capable of being.  Success is being your best, giving your best, and living your best.

Anyone can be a success, because anyone can decide to be successful, anyone can decide to give their best.

3. Have Faith in Your Possibilities

If you don’t believe you’re going to succeed, then …you’re probably right.  Faith in your possibilities is what gives you the strength to do the impossible.

If you don’t believe you will succeed, why should anyone else?  Why would anyone support you, if you’re convinced that your ship is sinking?  Work on your faith; learn to believe in the possibilities that lie ahead of you.

There’s nothing you can’t do!

4. Keep Your Life in Balance

What good is it to be wealthy and have no one to share your wealth with?  And it’s certainly not ideal to have people you love, who you can’t afford to give anything to.  Love finds its greatest expression in giving.

Work to keep your life in balance, you can have your cake and eat it to, but you have to plan for it.  Create a daily plan that allows you to be healthy, happy, wealthy, wise, and successful.  Never become so consumed with one area of your life that you let the others slip; labor to live a balanced life.

5. Help Others

To have “small” success, help a small number of people.  To have great success, you must help a great number of people.  Your success is dependent on your ability to help others.  Bill Gates has helped billions of people with his software and operating systems, so he has billions of dollars.  Michael Jordan has entertained millions of people, which is why he has millions of dollars.  To the degree that you help others will be to the degree that you succeed.

In Summary

It’s important to discover why you were created, this is critical; secondly you must commit to be a success.

Additionally, you must have faith in your possibilities, without this, you have no hope.

You must also keep your life in balance, and last, but certainly not least, you must help others.  …And you help others, not so that you can succeed, you help others because you were created to help others, and if you help enough people, the success that is your birthright will be yours.

Thank you for reading and be sure to pass this article along.

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