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5 Keys to Finding Meaning in Your Life

Life can often become cluttered with one to-do list after another, an endless string of tasks needing completion. In all this hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get lost, wondering what the whole purpose behind it all is. Almost every person goes through some kind of soul searching at one point in their lives. They look for meaning in their actions, hoping that knowledge of their purpose will give them added enjoyment and motivation. While finding a meaning in your life can’t be put down to a simple sentence, there are some keys to finding it.

The Search Matters

Everyone is different from each other. We each have different goals, unique desires, and varied values in our lives. There is no single pattern set for somebody to find meaning in their life. Recognize that you do have a purpose and that you’ll need to walk your own path to find it. Also know that it’s up to you, not someone else, to make that journey of discovery. Sometimes simply taking part in that search is enough to give your life meaning.

Out of the Comfort Zone

It’s easy to become stuck in familiar routines. Often we have a set schedule that gives our lives a rigid structure. As is commonplace, we develop a comfort zone, one that provides a sense of security and reassurance but doesn’t bring much in the way of variety or excitement. Stepping outside our comfort zones is one important way to find added meaning in our lives. That doesn’t mean we have to do anything crazy, but doing things we’re not at first comfortable with opens up a new range of opportunities we can take advantage of.

Conquering Fears

Linked to stepping outside our comfort zones comes the need to overcome our fears. Fears limit us, creating barriers that we need to overcome and often barring us from finding a bigger purpose to life. By conquering your fears, you will have a greater sense of accomplishment and renewed confidence to take on more challenges.

The Pursuit of Happiness

What makes you happy? Where do you find the most fulfillment? It might take a while, but once you know what brings you happiness, you need to pursue it. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, incorporate that passion into your daily activities. If helping people brings contentment, you can always get involved in numerous charities. Many companies sponsor charity work, such as this one from NuSkin. Your passions can also dictate what kind of career you pursue. As the old saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Turning a passion of yours into a full-time career will keep every day refreshing and invigorating.

A Moment of Peace

Sometimes it’s necessary to just take a moment out of the day and be alone with your thoughts. With so many distractions out in the world, a time to pause for self-reflection and meditation can really help you clear your head and get a bigger perspective on your life. During this time you’ll be able to identify what has to change, what fulfills your needs, and how to accomplish your goals.

Obviously, these are only just suggestions. Finding meaning in your life all comes down to how you wish to handle it. While no one will follow quite the same path, guidelines can help you on your way to discovering a greater purpose for yourself.


Paisley Hansen is a health and fitness blogger. When she’s not writing she enjoys going to the gym and reading a good book.


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