5 Easy Steps to Be Happy and Start Living Now

Do you find yourself moving from day to day just wishing the weekend was here already?  Or maybe you think if you could just hit the big lottery numbers you’d be set for life!

Let’s face it, we all have been guilty of working in the present while wishing for the future.

We say things like, “Well, maybe next year I’ll lose some weight.”  Or “Next month I’ll stay on my budget.”  

But next month and then next year come and go yet nothing ever changes. 

Why is that?  Why can’t we just be happy and start living right now?  Just because there is a saying that “the grass may be greener on the other side” doesn’t make it so!

We do not have to simply let time pass by and hope that one day we finally arrive at the perfect place for us. 

No, no, no!  We can be happy!  We can live a life of abundance! Starting right now!

Let’s look at 10 easy steps to be happy and start living today!

#1: Count your blessings.

Whenever any of my friends or colleagues travel overseas to a third world country they all seem to make a statement about how content people seemed to be even though they had less of everything.

It seems a mystery of sorts.  How can one have so little yet be so happy?  

I think it’s because they have learned how to count their blessings.  Their easy step is to count blessed what they currently have.  

They have a roof over the heads and food to eat, and that is enough!  

#2: Embrace your current season of life.

Life is a constant change of seasons.  And get this, no season is a “bad” one or “better” than any other.

Rather, each season is necessary and vital to life.  So, if you are in a winter season of life, learn to take it slower and trust that what you’ve stored up will last until spring breaks forth.

If you are in a summer season, push yourself to continue to plant and get ready for a fall harvest.  

And a side note, begin to enjoy the actual seasons in the area you live.  Is it cold and snowy outside?  That’s so wonderful!  Is it hot and sticky? Thank goodness for that!

#3: Celebrate the small victories.

Were you able to wake up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get to work safely?  Consider it a victory!

Maybe that’s not good enough for you, so how about this.  Did you work out this week at all?  Victory!  Did you eat some extra vegetables during dinner this week?  Celebrate!

There are so many small wins that we need to learn to celebrate instead of only waiting for the really big ones.  Big wins come few and far between.  

A sports team doesn’t just show up and win the championship.  They win each practice, each game played, and take every thought captive to propel them to victory.

#4: Love others.

A life devoid of loving others is miserable and lonely.  Start living now by loving others.

I suggest you start with your immediate family.  You only get one physical family, so make sure to love them well!  

Then make sure you love your friends and appreciate them.  Good friends are indeed a gift and the relationship needs love.

Last, love people you meet regardless.  One simple act of kindness can ripple love into eternity and literally bring life to a human being.

#5: Accept that you are growing, not failing.

Everyone must “fail” at things in life in order to get better.  There is no one who comes into this world already the best at their craft or talent.

If failure sounds like a negative word to you, start replacing it with the word growing.  

In life, we are always growing or rotting. You get to decide.

I’m Johnny Miller, the founder of Finding Your Fit, a blog about finding margin and career direction in life.  Come check out my blog and see how you can begin designing a career roadmap that actually fits your life.    


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