4 Business Lessons from Mother Nature to Accelerate Your Growth

Albert Einstein once said, “Just look deep into mother nature, and then you will understand things better.” I couldn’t agree more with this quote, as I have myself learned many things while spending time in the lap of mother nature.

Once it was raining heavily, and I saw a beautiful bird huddled up, head down, and water stream dripping down his head; a depressing posture you might say. But there was no sad look in the bird’s eyes and as soon as the rain stopped; he was singing a beautiful melody as if nothing has happened, and it taught me a very important life lesson. You can’t control and choose every situation that life brings to you, but you can definitely choose your attitude towards it.

Thus, I started spending more time in the presence of mother nature, which also helped me improve ways to run my business. That’s why I would like to share four business lessons that I learned from mother nature that can accelerate your growth.

Here are Four business lessons to accelerate your growth:

1. Evolve or die

Let’s be honest; there is no place for deadweight in nature. If you can’t perform or evolve, then you are bound to fall. But this ‘evolve or die ‘ rule has compelled every living being to become best. Similarly, we must make sure to question each and every aspect of our business and make it go through a stringent test, and not let it become monotonous.

A caged animal can’t survive long in the wild. Instead of working on the perfect model, build a minimal viable model, and subject it to your respective market condition. You will face failures and unexpected situations, but you must learn and fine-tune your business accordingly. Remember, you can outperform your competitors only when you evolve according to your market needs.

2. Performance is the only way

Fitness is the only criterion that mother nature takes into account. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lion or a deer. There is no special treatment for anyone, and we must learn a very important business lesson from it. 

At any stage of your business, you must prefer and promote people on the basis of performance and not on the basis of gender, cast, or relationship. Many amazing companies have suffered heavily because of some person taking all the responsibility just because he or she is from the family of the directing person. 

3. Low Wastage

Wastage is the creation of the mankind. If you ever look closely into mother nature, then you will see that each thing has its own utility, for example, the dried tree leaves fallen the ground is used by birds and rodents to build their nest.

Similarly, you should strive hard in reducing wastage at your workplace. Waste reduction can improve your company’s standards and save a lot of money for you. Small habits like using blank side of the printed pages for rough works can save paper. Also, you can determine the number of unnecessary office lightings and keep them shut off. In short, you don’t have to plan big, but you can reduce your wastage with these small steps.

4. Nothing is more important than your survival

Every animal considers its survival as the most important thing in the world. Even if a predator is lurking around, a deer makes sure to leave no stone unturned in saving his life. This teaches us a very valuable lesson:
You must work hard and do everything to grow our business. But if someone tries to smother or kill your business, then instead of giving up, you should do everything in your capability to fight back and survive. 

 Mother nature is the greatest teacher, and she has solutions to every problem. You just have to trust, observe and learn from her. As John Muir has rightly said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” 

Ketan Pande is the founder of GoodVitae, a platform where entrepreneurs and corporate leaders share tips to become successful in life. He is a wildlife enthusiast, who finds inspiration from nature. You can also visit his amazing facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/goodvitae/


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