The 3 Top Strategies for Bringing Your Dreams of Living Abroad to Life

Come on, admit it…

You’re fantasizing about moving abroad and living a life of your dreams, but in reality, you think it’s unachievable, right?

Even though you always wanted to do it, secretly you thought moving abroad is something only retirees could do, or maybe hippies.

Could that really be a great way for you to live your life?

Maybe it’s just a day-dream, a distraction from your daily grind…an ill-fated fantasy that, if you just wait long enough, will disappear on its own?”

And of course you ask yourself that rather nagging question: “How do I make money, buy groceries, and pay my rent and bills-, living abroad? “

In the end, all options considered, you think: “There is no chance in hell I can really pull this off so my family and I will live happily ever after.”

Or is there?

I have no hesitations at all to tell you that:

You have countless opportunities to live the life of your dreams abroad

People often ask me how to make living abroad work for them financially. They’ll agree that the cost of living can be cheaper abroad, but when the wages there are also much lower, they think they won’t be better off than they are now.
But moving abroad doesn’t mean you should rent a cheap place and enter into employment on a starvation salary…That would be ridiculous.
You are not a FOOL and you know there must be better ways…

And there is!

So let’s take a look at three ways you can finance a wonderful life in paradise.

#1 – Being Employed, The Other Kind

“The trick to being employed abroad without sacrificing salary is to avoid working for a local employer who pays local wages. Instead, you want to work for one who pays American dollars on the same base salary you would earn if you were doing your job in North America.“

A definite perk of living in places with a low cost of living and being paid an American salary, – is that your dollar can go much further.

Even better, employees working overseas often get paid more than their equals back home. They enjoy an extra allowance for their inconvenience of acclimatizing to the new country; plus they get other bonuses, like pay for their full move and free flights home.

So now you have some exciting options…

• If you already work for a company who has outlets overseas, find out if you could work at one of those foreign locations.

• Perhaps your company would allow you to work remotely from home; where-ever home is. There is clearly a growing acceptance of remote working among employers.

• Maybe you’re unemployed, or your current employer does not have an overseas opportunity for you. Not a problem…there are plenty of options to find good-paying employment abroad.

For those considering the third option, the following are two good examples of well-paying jobs abroad:

o ESL Teacher
For native English speaker, it is simple to find English teaching gigs. ESL teachers are in high demand in many, often well-paying, locations. The countries that pay the highest wages and offer great benefit packages are: The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Vietnam, and South Korea.

o Yacht Crew
And here, my all-time favorite: Live somewhere in a low cost but beautiful location, and work on a yacht crew or a cruise ship line….how cool is that! You get paid well, you don’t have much chance to spend money on board, and the place where you return to in your off time is so cheap that your money in the bank grows like stink.

#2 – Freelancing, the faraway kind

Freelancing allows you to work only when you need to, or build a thriving career for yourself. By utilizing technology, – (like the Internet) to your benefit, you can run a professional operation without revealing that you may really be sitting on a beach sipping Margaritas.

Here are some work-from-home opportunities you may not have thought about:

o Freelance Writer
As a freelance writer, you have lots of option. You can find work as a copywriter, content manager, or writer and editor for blogs. Or venture out into research, communication management, or online training. Freelance writing is perfect if you have some expertise, experience, and good skills in a popular field.

o Freelance Teacher
As a freelance teacher, you have plenty of opportunities at all grade levels. You can find work writing training materials, providing special needs educational services and, tutoring online. Colleges and universities are your most likely employers.

o Freelance Translator
As a freelance translator, you are in demand. You need a foreign language dictionary, a computer, software, Internet access, and you’re ready to go. The pay is good, and those who can specialize in a less common language or area like finance, the law, or medical can charge even more.

o Health-care
You may live in the U.S., but a transcriptionist in India might type your doctor’s note, a specialist in the U.S. might interpret your test results, and a European top surgeon may lead your surgery by video chat.
Health care is one of the rapidly growing sectors within remote working. Job opportunities are plenty and vary depending on your expertise. Currently, you’ll find most job offers in nursing, therapy, psychiatry, nutrition, transcription and pharmaceutical.

#3 Being Self Employed, The Right Kind

When I talk self-employment in paradise to bring your dreams to life, I’m not talking about becoming a seafood tostada vendor in Mexico, or running a Tuk-Tuk business in Thailand or a Kayak rental in the Caribbean.
No, I’m talking about self-employment that provides you with a maximum level of flexibility, geographic freedom, work schedule, and good income potential…of course I’m talking about an online business.

You can start an online business in many ways, but one popular example is to start a blog.
Blogging itself isn’t really a business, – but rather a podium for business opportunities related to it, like…
• Sell advertising space on your blog,
• Use affiliated marketing to get paid a percentage from sales made through your blog,
• Sell services like consulting or speaking,
• Or sell premium content like webinars, and e-books and such to generate an income.

“Making a full monthly income from blogging will take some time and effort, but the beauty of it is that you can work on it on the side. And once you’ve established a good income stream, the effort will have been worth it. You’ll be able to work on it from wherever you choose.”

Your Dreams of Living Abroad CAN Come True

Having seen these various ways of making a living abroad, do you still doubt you can do it?

Thought not.

So isn’t it finally time to make your dreams a reality?

You can live in paradise and make enough money to enjoy it.

Stop procrastinating on your dreams.

You can start looking for a job abroad, find freelance work, or start a blog right now.

The life of your dreams is waiting for you…

What are you waiting for?

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Wilfried Lehmkuhler is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams; create financial Freedom and a Life they love by applying proven success strategies. Wilfried is a blogger, speaker, consultant and accomplished author who has worked with professional athletes and businesses in Europe and North America. You can find him at or @WLehmkuhler


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