3 Obvious Health Mistakes You Keep Making!

It seems as though new rumors related to perceived mistakes you can make which cause you to put on weight are reported every week as though they are fact. There seems to be no right method that you can adopt to prevent yourself from piling on the pounds. In many cases, however, the evidence that is cited may only be an initial finding that is debunked after further work and testing, or it may just be wrongly reported. Either way, many of these rumours should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt.tvpictureLeading Image Source

Distracted eating

However, one report that has been circulating asserts that eating while watching TV can be directly linked to obesity due to “distracted eating”, where we snack or eat without concentrating exactly on what we’re putting into our bodies. This then leads to us gaining weight because we’re eating unhealthily while remaining sedentary.

Sitting down



This report isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t entirely right, either. The point about sitting down being a factor is irrelevant – we would always sit down to eat, so whether that happens at a table or in front of the TV doesn’t make any difference. It also shouldn’t make that much of a difference if the television is on or not, though regular evenings spent in front of it rather than at the gym or having a run will undoubtedly have a cumulative effect on your general weight.

Unhealthy snacking

It’s really the fact that, while you’re sitting around, you tend to snack on energy-dense foods like crisps and chocolates. They all contain high numbers of calories, but you’re not doing the required amount of exercise to burn those calories off, and this is what leads to the weight gain. There is nothing wrong with getting in from work and flopping down on the sofa for the evening, but there does need to be a balance so you can ensure you that you are living life to the fullest.



It doesn’t make a difference what you do while you’re eating – it’s how you lead the rest of your life through the food you eat and the exercise (or lack thereof) that you do that matters. It really is as simple as burning more calories than you consume that will allow you to keep the weight off. Eating while watching television ultimately has nothing to do with any weight you may or may not gain over the years, but eating junk without exercising does.


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