The 24-Hours No Excuses Rule

So you want to get more work done, eh? You feel like you don’t have enough time and your productivity is low.

Maybe you’ve have a bunch of “valid” reasons, but they don’t matter now.

Check out this 24-Hours No Excuses Rule I cooked up. It was inspired by several successful people.

Alright so, you’ve 24 hours everyday in your life.

Let’s say you managed to get 8 hours of sleep, which is arguably a little too much.

You’re now left with 16 hours.

You probably have work. That’s your eight-to-five, a total of 9 hours.

Subtract that, and you’re now left with 7 hours.

Let me add in your commute. 2 Hours perhaps?

You’re now left with 5 hours.

But hey, I’m not without mercy. You’re probably tired. Let me include a 2-hour nap for you.

You’re now left with 3 hours.

You’ve 3 hours every, single day to do whatever it is you want in your life. And you can’t tell me you’re tired because you just took a nap for 2 hours!

See what I did there?

Do you see how much time you have in the world to do what you love, work on your project, do something fun, meet that important friend or whatever!?

It is that simple. Life can be THAT simple. You just need to eliminate the excuses.

– Busy is bullshit

Stop saying you’re busy. Everybody is busy today.

If something or someone is important to you, you absolutely will make time for it.

It’s how much you want it. You do have enough time!

So get your priorities in order. Stop using busy as a convenient excuse just because it’s something easy to say.

– It’s not normal to feel tired all the time

I get it. Work, chores, errands or whatever can be draining to both the body and mind, so much so you feel like you need more time to rest (which mostly isn’t ever enough anyway.)

But are you really that tired or do you just want to choose to relax more often than not?

Tired shouldn’t be an excuse to eat up your time.

Do what it takes to sleep well. Stop using your phone before you sleep. Stop staying up late just because you don’t want the workday to come sooner.

Also, eat better and drink more water. Just do what it takes to put energy in yourself!

– Stop lazing around with meaningless things

Are you really occupied? Or are you simply lazing around aimlessly surfing social media with your phone all the time?

Or are you just… doing nothing?

Do you see how boredom takes up your time in the worst possible way?

Stop wasting your time already. A break is essentially useless and unfulfilling if you don’t balance it out with proper work anyway.

Set proper goals. Do up a schedule. Work on your thing day and day, step by step.

That is truly using time wisely.

– No more excuses

Was my 24-Hours No Excuses Rule a little too harsh?

Maybe you had to work overtime today.

I guess traffic was bad today, of all days too.

And hey! Why did MacDonalds decide to have a shortage of staff and hence made the queues extra long today?

Whatever. Just whatever.

Again, it’s how much you want it.

Time is there for you to use. You’re extremely capable to harness it to your will in spite of everything that goes on around you.

Take charge of your time and you take charge of your life.

Go and make things happen.

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