17 habits to create your hapiness

17 Habits To Create Long-Term Happiness Within You

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles on happiness online. They mostly talk about the things we can do to become happy.

But the thing is, what we should aim for is long-term happiness. We want that happiness to stick.

And how do we do that? We do it with habits.

We need to start creating a culture of happiness for ourselves, one that doesn’t whisk away because of a bad mood, a bad day or a bad whatever.

Let it stick! Here’s 17 habits to create long-term happiness within you

1) Make a point to travel yearly

Travelling is how you absorb different cultures and expand your mind. That’s how you realize how grateful you should be in life and how you know for sure you’ve “covered” a lot in life.

So make good use of that yearly vacation. Go somewhere uncomfortable even!

2) Make your own bed every morning

This is how you kick start your day proper and get things going. Trust me, you will grow from this as you’d start to be more resourceful and reliant on yourself.

3) Read

Go to your local library. Buy books from your bookstore. Reading is how you gain knowledge and increase your own confidence in society. It’s how you can also always create new and different outlooks in life.

A happy mind is an open mind.

4) Exercise

Cliche but true. A healthy body is a healthy mind. You’d want to feel both comfortable and proud in your own skin. An easy start would be to start walking more.

5) Find passion and always indulge in it

Passion isn’t just a hobby or an interest. It’s the fire that lights up your life and gives you meaning. So go find it and never let it go.

6) Do something different with your friends regularly

Are you not sick of only going to bars on Friday nights with your friends? Or are you guys only meeting in virtual worlds?

Switch it up. Go to the zoo or beach. It’s this new activities that’d keep things fresh for everyone.

7) Take social media breaks

Life is out there, not in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. That being said, you shouldn’t validate your self-worth with likes or shares. Make some real, human connections already!

A good start would be deleting the mobile apps so you won’t be preoccupied when you’re out.

8) Ask her, or him out

If you like somebody, ask them out already. This is so you can grow up and look back knowing that you did everything you could to know if it was meant to be.

9) Date many people

I’m going to be blunt here.

Yet, comfort doesn’t equate to love. If you’re still holding on to a relationship because you’re only comfortable (all the while wondering if the grass is greener on the other side), then that’s not somebody you love.

Date around and have some fun while you’re single. You’re only young once. When you’re old, you’re old forever.

10) Do what it takes to eliminate negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can be the bane of our existence. It’s a tough challenge, but that’s why the results are so fulfilling.

So do what it takes to get rid of them. Be it sheer force of will, positive thinking, meditation or even therapy, just do it. It’ll make you happy no matter what.

11) Save money

If you want to be happy, then you have to at least be stable; have some peace of mind that you’re prepared for anything.

So control the impulse buys. Follow your gut. If you need to think twice about it, then you probably don’t need to buy it. Get an insurance plan too.

12) Avoid going to places you don’t want to be in the first place

How often have you found yourself in social situations where there’s always that one person you dislike? And to make it worse, you have to put on a mask, create fake smiles and awkward conversations because you don’t want trouble.

Look, life is too short to always be somewhere you don’t want to be because of some, weak obligation. You know what I mean. We call them weddings or office parties, to name a couple.

Do what it takes to avoid such situations. Your life belongs to you. You get to be anywhere you want.

13) Avoid toxic and annoying people actively

And effectively, you can achieve this when you follow the above.

Life is too short to be unhappy just because you’re surrounded by people you dislike.

14) Always get rid of the clutter!

I’m not saying to indulge in a lifestyle of minimalism. I’m saying to clean up so you can actually be in a literally clean environment!

I don’t care what you think. Nobody wants to live in filth. You can say it doesn’t bother you, but I bet it does deep down.

So clean you room. Clean your work station. Arrange things neatly. That’s how you feel at home anywhere.

15) Be nice to your parents

I’m speaking for the group who inevitably get annoyed by their parents after they’ve grown up and are constantly nagged upon.

It is indeed annoying. Overwhelming even. But yet, remember that they’re your parents. Both you and I know you love them. It’s not worth the guilt when you snap at them or ignore them.

When you make your parents happy, you’ll be happy. Period.

16) Do the work daily

You can’t ever feel complete happiness when you procrastinate or put things off.

Face it. We’ve to do the work. Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you derive from it. You can’t ever be happy when the work is always at the back of your mind.

Daily work is how you become consistent and get better at what you do. That’s the only way to go. Don’t worry about a specific, idealistic end. Do the work and you’ll get what you want.

17) Get enough sleep

This may be a no-brainer, but I think most of us don’t get enough of it.

We keep letting the little things get in the way, such as wanting to watch one more episode or wanting to surf the net with your phone in bed.

But everyone knows it’s not worth the drag out of bed in the morning.

I dare say even to avoid listening to the rubbish “successful” people say about how they sleep only a few hours every night or not at all. Why? Because they believe in using every waking hour to work.

Nah. You need to rest! So sleep all you want to get ample rest. It will make you happy long-term.

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