12 Sneaky Reasons Why You’re Unhappy

1) You think you’re your job

Nobody is asking you to love your job, but there’s a fine line between doing your job and becoming your job. The latter means you’re basing your self-esteem on the status the job brings and the amount of money you make.

Stop that. Your life is out there, not in the office.

2) You’re hungover a lot

And no, you can’t escape all your problems with alcohol and partying. Not all the time at least.

3) You’re fat

You aren’t eating right. You’re not exercising and you’re tired all the time. It all adds up!

Happy people have energy!

4) You’re chasing money

Money is absolutely important, but the bottom line is whether you want to chase it or not. Usually, chasing it doesn’t work.

5) You’re always bored

Because you aren’t trying new things!

6) You’re surrounded by negative people

This is truly sneaky. We all tend to brush off a little annoyance from what we call friends, or a crappy boss, but it can really seep into your life if you allow it to be. Regardless, a happy life is one where the people around is totally positive and want the best for you.

7) You’re not getting enough sleep

Four hours is enough to function tomorrow, but it’s not enough to feel energetic and well, happy. Get some sleep now!

8) You’re jumping into relationships too fast

To a certain extent, going with the moment and indulging in romance work, but eventually, you need to start thinking and make smart decisions.

If you want to be happy, then protect your heart!

9) You’ve not righted the wrong

If you made a mistake and incidentally hurt somebody, you’ve to apologize. Cowering down would only cause feelings to fester in you.

10) You let social media run your life

Checking Facebook, updating Twitter or surfing Instagram have become so common that people don’t even realize it’s mundane. The convenience and ease of it has made people disconnect from each other and not want to pursue enriching activities.

Get out of using social media every once in a while. It will do you a lot of good.

11) You aren’t doing the work

You’re procrastinating. You’re putting it off. You’re coming up with a ton of excuses! Work usually feels daunting, but if you don’t power on through, it’s going to make you feel unaccomplished and downright unhappy.

12) You’re choosing to be unhappy

It’s a choice. It’s all about perception.

Maybe it’s time you  stop being so pessimistic and stop whining. Do the right thing. Make the choice to be happy!

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